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Hot Corsets ~Review ~Shopping ~Costume ~Fashion

For those who know me you may wonder why I am making a song and a dance about getting a new corset.Well, as I like you I am letting you into my little secret!.
I purchased this little stunner from Amazon the other day.  I was browsing, looking for Christmas inspiration, and by mistake this seemed to fall into the shopping basket and before I knew what was happening I had paid for it and it was being unwrapped on the dining room table!! Oops!!
I did not feel too bad as when it arrived, very quickly, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.  I had to buy a dress size bigger as I like a lot of ribbon to lace at the back.
It is a waspie, which for those that are not familiar with the terminology means under bust, so you would need a bra or pasties, or not, depending where you plan to wear it!

I like the idea of changing bras to make my outfits diverse with least effort.
A very skimpy pair of knickers were included which I do not think would fit me!
The price however was amazing.  Including postage the total cost was £16.64.  I have paid at least double before for a corset.  Totally a bargain price.

Here I am trying the corset.  I have paired it with a black sequin bra and sequin shorts.

Close up of the corset.  Sits just under the bust.  Pin and Hook clasps at the front.

Back lace view

Open corset inside

Open Corset Outside.  Black and red satin
Knickers that come with it

These are XXL!! Hate to see the small!!

What do you think?  Would you wear this?  I am sure it will become a staple costume in my wardrobe.

 Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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