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Pirate Ship On Cleethorpes Beach ~Visit ~Information

Living on the Lincolnshire coast I had recently heard about ‘The Pirate Ship’ of Cleethorpes. Apparently there is a bench on ‘Buck Beck’ that people have turned it into a place to bring along items and leave them there to add to the collection. This has been named locally as ‘The Pirate Ship’.

It has been in construction for a few years and every so often a strong tide will return it back to the sea and this is the consequence of building it on the sand bank.

I went to explore with my Dad one windy but warm morning in August, after checking the tide times which always must be done if going onto the beach. There have been quite a few rescues needed from this part of the beach. One of those reasons is the quick sinking sand and mud that often catches people out so please, if you do go, be careful! It is a lot more muddier and deeper than it looks.

The best way to get to ‘the ship’ is from the holiday park and yacht club and walk along the beach and back the same way. We tried to walk back to the sand past the leisure centre but this is not recommended and we decided to turn back in plenty of time before the tide was due.

If you do take something to leave on the ship then make sure it is something environmentally friendly that would not harm the sea and wild life.

If you do walk along the coastal path then you can see the meridian line marking the line of the ‘Greenwich Meridian’.

Have you visited the ‘pirate ship’ and did you leave anything behind? Do you know how it all started and the story behind it? I would love to find out.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza


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