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Fresh Faced ~Botox ~Lipfiller~ Beauty

This year has certainly taken its toll on so many things, including my own confidence. This was why I was first in line to get my lip fillers and Botox topped up as soon as the UK government said it was safe to do so due to Covid restrictions.

I have been attending the clinic at ‘Elm Tree Aesthetics Limited’ for a few years now and have always had top class service from the first enquiry through to the treatment and then after care. Elm Tree are always available to answer any questions no matter how small or insignificant you might think they are.

I love big lips and I cannot lie!! I would probably (I would be) one of those people who go too far with their lips and end up with a huge pout trout. Elm Tree Aesthetics will not allow that to happen and will refuse or reduce treatment if they think it is not in your best interest. This is definitely what somebody like me needs! Your lips will swell after treatment but will settle down! I actually love the first few days swollen lips look. This time I did have quite a lot of bruising, which can happen, and this is easily covered up by a bit of concealer. Plus at the present time your lips are hidden by a face mask when you are out and about!

There are different types of lip filler and always discuss this with your injector the best one for you and your desired look.

I use Botox for a fresher face look as I have quite pronounced lines on my forehead. I also like a bit of Botox to give me an eyebrow lift.

Everything was totally within UK Covid regulations so if you are having treatment at the moment you should be prepared to fill in various forms, temperature checks and wearing a mask, obviously removing this for any lip fillers!

For me my confidence dropped a lot when I had a few years of medical problems and due to those and the medication that I took meant a huge weight gain and a toll on my hair, skin and nails. On discussion with Elm Tree Aesthetics I decided to try the Botox and lip fillers first to give me a confidence boost, which it did.

One of the main things I can not recommend enough is to make sure your clinic has the required qualifications and will deliver safe treatment and aftercare. Save up and try not to be swayed by special cheap offers. Remember this is your face!

I love the programme ‘Body Fixers’ currently on Netflix. It portrays the confidence people are given by just making small changes. The only thing that irks me slightly is the fact that when they do the make overs, which are amazing, they take the glasses off people. As somebody who wears glasses I wish they would show the looks both with and without glasses. There was a time when nobody saw me in glasses. I wore contact lenses day in, day out all day. Due to the medical condition and medication mentioned earlier it caused me unable to wear contact lenses for long periods of time and so I now wear glasses most of the time. I have purchased quite a few glasses in different styles from SpecSavers as I decided that I spend money on different clothes so why not on different glasses.

There is other aesthetic treatments I would like to try and I will definitely do my research but for the time being the Botox and fillers give me the boost I need.

Have you had any experience of Botox or lip fillers? I would love to know your experiences.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza


  1. It is interesting to learn about lip fillers. Finding that perfect balance can be hard but definitely needed! It is great when the clinic looks out for their clients. The last thing you want is a complication. Love the results of the treatment!

    Nancy ✨


    1. Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am lucky to have found the perfect clinic for me x


  2. “One of the main things I can not recommend enough is to make sure your clinic has the required qualifications and will deliver safe treatment and aftercare. Save up and try not to be swayed by special cheap offers. Remember this is your face!”

    Absolutely solid advice! There’s a reason for that price tag!


    1. Exactly! Thank you! It is definitely worth saving up and even delaying your procedure until you fully research your proposed clinic.


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