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How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning? ~Breakfast ~ Food ~ March Hare

Have you ever been to the small Lincolnshire market town, Market Rasen? It is approximately 13 miles north east of Lincoln and has a large racecourse.

There are small independent shops and received cash from the government and advice from Mary Portas on developing the town a few years ago.

Pirate Mick and I recently went to Market Rasen for breakfast. We enjoy going to the coffee bar ‘The March Hare’ which also is open ‘After Dark‘ and because of the new restrictions we booked a table the night before. So pleased we did as people were being turned away on the day due to being fully booked.

Although they were full and busy, which I was delighted to see, you feel very safe.

On arrival you are greeted at the door to fill in your details, possibly now using the NHS app. and told to sanitise hands before being shown to your table. There are large Perspex screens dividing the tables so although you are next to a diner the screen will protect you.

After browsing the menu we both decided on a latte and eggs benedict. I am ashamed to say that I had not had eggs benedict until I visited Aylesbury in December last year and then, once I had, realised that I absolutely love it! I do not know why I had not tried them before! Is there any food or drink that you have put off trying or just not got around to and then realised you actually love it once you do? Today’s breakfast did not disappoint and it reaffirmed itself as one of my favourite choices of breakfast.

On the food and drink choices another that I had not got round to trying was the garlic and herb dip from ‘Dominos’. I know! Unbelievable! I discovered this delicious dip late at night in a hotel room after a night out! Sadly Pirate Mick missed out on this as he was already fast asleep by the time the pizza and dip arrived! Well you snooze you loose!!

One last one to mention is olives! You either love them or hate them. If you hate them I have a little trick. I do not know if this will work for anybody else but I found that if you eat quite a lot of olives in one go you get used to the taste and now I love them, especially the black olives! Delicious!

Here are a few photographs I took of ‘The Market Hare’ and would love to know what your favourite breakfast choice would be!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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