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Dance Of The Lush Snow Fairy ~ Beauty ~Shopping ~Review

Have you ever walked down a UK high street and been enticed into a shop by a scent? This statement automatically makes me think of the UK high street shop ‘Lush’

Have you ever visited Lush? It is a store, selling bath and body products, that you can follow your nose to find with a concoction of fragrances and products being on display and demonstrated. One of the fragrances that definitely has a love hate relationship with customers is the one and only ‘Snow Fairy’. I absolutely love the ‘Snow Fairy’ fragrance. It has a very sweet fragrance of bubble gum and candy and reminds me of Christmas sugar plum fairies and lasts a long time. The Snow Fairy is a limited edition which is brought out around Christmas time. This seems a good marketing ploy as the fragrance is probably not one that would be popular in the summer as it does have a very festive feel to the scent and also it creates a bit of a buzz around the latter time of the year waiting for the notification that ‘Snow Fairy’ has appeared in the stores and in what guise. This year there is no wand which was a favourite of mine appealing again to the little girl in me who wanted to be a princess fairy. It was a bubble bar star on a stick that you could swirl under running water for a sweet fragranced bubble bath. This year I have purchased the shower gel, which I do confess I do use as bath oil. It has the sweet fragrance and a sugar plum pink colour. The ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel starts at £5.00 for 100g.

I struggle to find fragrance that lasts on my skin. I have tried so many perfumes, makes and strengths and have never found the one. Body sprays however do seem to linger on my skin longer. At this time of year I turn again to ‘Snow Fairy’ body spray, £20 for 200ml. Both products, because the fragrance is strong, lasts a long time and so is good value for money.

This year I have also been recommended the fragrance of ‘Yog Nog‘ Again this has a festive Christmassy smell but more caramel and is a beautiful decadent gold colour with a shimmer. The shower gels are the same price as ‘Snow Fairy’

There are many other fragrances to browse and a wide range of products for bath, shower and body. There is a delivery service to order by post.

Lush has an ethical buying, handmade and freshness policy and is against animal testing. The products are 100 percent vegetarian with naked and recycled packaging.

Have you tried ‘Snow Fairy’ and are you in the love it or hate it camp? Are there any other products from Lush that you recommend, or even from another shop? What fragrance puts you in the mood for Christmas? I would love to know.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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