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I have decided that I needed a bit of cheer this year and so I have to admit that I have already decorated up for Christmas. Yes, Christmas has arrived at Lorna Liza’s apartment earlier than usual, and do you know what, I do not care!!

I have been gifted a new tree and so that arrived a couple of weeks ago. Instead of checking it fitted and then taking it down again I positioned it into my main living area and left it there! Then a few days later I thought I had better try the lights, which I did, and there was no reason to take them down was there?!!

I adore fairy lights! I remember the coloured lights from the seventies. They had foil around the bulb, similar to a flower and there were always a couple that had blown before the end of the Christmas season and they got so hot! Now they are LED lights, brightly glowing and can flash, twinkle and so many other combinations that you can find the perfect ones for you. For a while I did prefer the white lights but then I was swayed back by the colour. I admit that I would decorate my whole house, all year, in fairy lights if I could. They instantly make me feel relaxed with a touch of melancholy and warmth, that makes me smile.

The other evening I went for a walk as it was getting dark. The time was passed looking at all the lovely lights in windows and some outside. I always find it sad in January when the lights are either taken down or not lit up and everything looks so dark, damp and sad. I am always pleased when the nights start to draw out again meaning spring and summer is on the way! I recommend nearer Christmas wrapping up warm and walking around the streets to look at the lights. You could always set up a little treasure hunt for the children such as, how many reindeers can you see?

After the year 2020 has been I feel people are decorating up early, probably as many people have more time at home and people just want a bit of cheer. There is also the fact that after Christmas it is New Year and hopefully things will improve soon after!

Talking of lights I also love a candle. I especially like the Woodwick ones as they crackle like a fire. I have recently heard about ‘Scentsy’. These are decorative warmers with heated wax. There are many consultants selling ‘Scentsy’ and one of them is ‘Scentsy By Aimee’ I would recommend dropping her a message if you have any questions about the Scentsy range. She is amazing and actually detected that I was wearing the Lush ‘Snow Fairy’ nine hours after I had applied it!! I told you ‘Snow Fairy’ was amazing and obviously so is Aimee’s sense of smell!!

I love the reflection the lights give in the window. Two trees for the price of one!!

As you can see on my tree I have white lights, coloured lights and blue lights! How could I decide? I love them all!!

I would love to see your lights. Are they the main part of your decorations or do you just have a few ? Maybe you have alternatives? Are you planning on going on a light hunt this year?

I love to talk Christmas so please feel free to chat!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza


  1. Media companies are putting on their Santa hats, too: Over the weekend, the Hallmark Channel aired a “We Need a Little Christmas” movie marathon featuring some of its most popular holiday titles, and some radio stations in the Midwest are playing Christmas tunes. But decking the halls at home — even as spring starts to bloom — is a win-win on many fronts, those who have dragged out the decorations said. It’s a family-friendly activity, using items that many people already have at home, and it works well with social distancing protocols, since people can admire displays from their car windows. And even those who are sheltering in place can see them on social media.


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