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In A Bit Of A Christmas Pickle ~Tradition ~Christmas ~

Hello Lovelies!! My last post was about Christmas lights and how I love them! I have now almost finished decorating the apartment with just a few extras to be added. How are you doing? Have you finished or not even started thinking yet! I know I am very early this year but after this year I felt like I needed a bit of cheer and thought “Why not!”.

I am a sucker for traditions and always one of the first to join in holiday traditions. However I recently became aware of a tradition at Christmas that I have never heard of before and that is of ‘The Christmas pickle!’. Yes you heard that right, ‘The Christmas pickle!!’.

You will either be in two camps as of now. Either you will be “What on earth is a Christmas pickle?” or “You have never heard of the Christmas pickle, where have you been all your life?”.

I have completed some research on this! Nobody actually knows where it origins from, although some say Germany, but in 1800 Woolworths started selling glass fruit and vegetable glass ornaments, including the pickle. The tradition is that the pickle is the last ornament to be hidden on the Christmas tree. Here the tradition changes depending on families. Some say the first person to find the pickle on Christmas morning receives a reward or good fortune the following year. Some have a small gift available to give out on the day and some allow the person who finds the pickle to give out the presents to the rest of family and friends sharing the day.

Maybe you have the tradition of the Christmas pickle and you can share more information. I can not believe that this is the first year that I have become aware of this and shall have my eyes peeled for a Christmas pickle for future years to add to my tree.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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