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Drag Queen Christmas 2020 ~ Virtual ~Theatre ~Entertainment

I love going to the theatre at any time of the year. Sadly this year I can count on one hand the amount of time I went to the theatre this year. I was very lucky to see ‘La Voix’ tour in Lincoln and Leeds https://overtherhinestonerainbow.blog/2020/02/16/another-opening-another-show-%f0%9d%86%95%f0%9d%86%95%f0%9d%86%95-lavoix-lavoixtheshow-variety-music-comedy/ and then…..lockdown!!

I have moved over to ‘virtual’ theatre to get my fix for the rest of the year. Many shows are being performed this Christmas on line. Some are for free or for a platform fee such as Amazon Prime or Netflix. Some of them have a purchase price for a certain amount of hours to view the performance afterwards.

One of those such performances is a show that I love to watch and is often one of the first shows to kick off the Christmas season for me and that is ‘The Drag Queen’s Christmas’ which features drag queens from ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’.

This year Murray and Peter present a ‘Drag Queen Christmas 2020’ which can be viewed by purchasing a ticket for $25 USD which is roughly over £18 on the Dragfans.com page. Once purchased and an account is set then so are you. You are then able to watch the show as many times as you like from your purchase date until January 31st 2021.

Please be aware, as with any drag show , there is some adult language and humour and should be viewed with discretion as not all is PG13!!

I purchased my ticket this weekend and sat down Saturday night for an evening of drag entertainment. It was easy to transfer the image to the television by logging into the internet through Amazon Prime stick.

This years show is hosted by Trinity The Tuck and Nina West Nina is one of the drag queens that I do associate with Christmas. Have you heard her Christmas album? One of her songs ‘Jingle Juice’ is one of my favourite Christmas modern song and dance which she performs on the show.

Shea Coulee looks absolutely fabulous as ‘The Grinch’. She shares the costume crown , in my opinion, with Dragula’s Landon Cider who goes to type with The Krampus and a Gremlin!

If they win the costume award then the most glamourous dress must go to stunning Brooklynn Hytes Not only was her dress stunning but both her wigs were of top class quality and the sort of hair I would kill for!

Sasha Velour, Thorgy Thor, who I think has appeared in all the Christmas Queens tours, Jaida Essence Hall and Jackie Cox are all festive ready.

I saw this performer on New Years Eve in London for the first time live and have watched many times this year on line is Lady Bunny Her performance is definitely one to send younger children from the room but if you did not have to it wouldn’t be Lady Bunny would it!! She is promoting her new Christmas album which has the catchy ‘Santa’s Spreading Covid Around’ and her virtual show ‘Lady Bunny: What Child Is This?’ is streamed from December 4th.

The Christmas Drag Queen’s show is performed in a theatre with no audience so you do miss the atmosphere that a live audience would give. However I will take it to just see this show and not miss a year of Drag Queen Christmas fun!

Let me know if you have seen it. Christmas and Drag Queens are two of my favourite topics!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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