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I am sat here writing this after chatting to my hairdresser this afternoon about how she is trying to find her son his most wanted gift this year for Christmas.

Did you ever have something that you really wanted for Christmas? Was you successful or are you still waiting?

I remember every year I asked for this toy and it never appeared. I obviously was never that good! I know it was a highly sought after toy and lots of people my age say they wanted it but never got it. I know realise it was probably due to the fact, like my parents said, that it was very expensive for what it was. However every year I would try! Can you guess what it was? It was in fact a ‘Mr Frosty’. Did you guess right?

Mr Frosty was a snowman shaped plastic ice crusher. You placed the ice in his mouth and pushed down his hat. Turn the handle on the back and scoop the ice out of his tummy. Percy Penguin could be filled with juice to flavour the ice in the bowls and lolly moulds provided. Apparently though the idea was better than the reality and was impossible to get it to work and after all it was just crushed ice!!

Did you have a gift you always wanted but never received? Do you now realise that it probably was for the best?

I am always so lucky with the gifts I have received at Christmas. Talking to somebody today I said something that got me thinking. I do not remember on Christmas Day growing up not getting the toy I wanted at the time, even Mr Frosty. In fact it became more of a running joke that he was requested and rejected each year. I do remember however the great time we had, the time spent together and the fun games with prizes from the market, the singing and the laughter.

Christmas changes over the years and I still smile at the memory of my childhood Christmases and you know what, presents do not feature heavily. The going in the room after the visit from Santa and seeing the presents wrapped up and the wonder of what will be inside does but funnily enough I could probably only mention a few actual presents but could describe the Christmas love and experiences.

The moral of this story I guess is to take the pressure off you! It sounds a cliché but the greatest gift you can give is love, time and laughter, anything else is an added bonus. Be kind to yourself and everything may not be perfect but who says what is or is not perfect? Only you!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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