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Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, But I think I’ll Miss This One This Year !~Christmas ~Information ~Wellbeing

Happy Christmas!! What a strange one this year! In the UK, after the government announcement, it sees many people unable to leave their homes to visit family and friends and so this means many people will be alone this Christmas.

I am so very sorry to everybody who finds themselves in this situation. However if you feel very upset at the moment, and you have every right to, then there may be a few ways to look at it.

Over the festive period you can get up when you want and watch anything you like on the television. It can be Christmas related or you could completely have a different type of day, such as a pamper day or a movie marathon.

How about writing down things that you are grateful for this year. Have you become more tolerant, learnt a skill or finally read a book you have had on the bookshelf for years? You could also write down goals that may have been put on hold this year but something you want to return to, once possible.

Over the holiday time you can eat and drink what you like and nobody will look disapprovingly at your second box of chocolates and you could spend days in your pyjamas or you could dress up. Do you have an outfit that you absolutely love and everybody hates, now is the time to wear it with pride!

You could set yourself a project such as recreating looks from old photographs or different make up looks. Remember to take photographs!

There are other ways of communicating such as through social media like ‘Facebook’ and Zoom can be used for opening presents or playing games and there is always the good old telephone. If you have elderly relatives that wont be seeing anyone then I am sure they would appreciate a phone call. Maybe you could make a resolution to call more often.

Because of the shock of the quick lockdown you have not received any presents as people were expecting you at their homes and the post office is inundated with parcels and letters this year it may be a while before you receive them. Why not take this opportunity to treat yourself, if your finances allow, on line to have something delivered and although you wont have the item there and then you will know it is arriving and you already know it will be something that you like!

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th for the birth of Jesus but you could celebrate in the future. Why not set a date next year in the summer when hopefully the virus will be under control and have a Christmas get together then? I have always wondered what a Christmas in a hot country would be like and I might be able to find out next year!

One of the main things is please do not think you are alone. Reach out to family and friends if you need to, they are probably feeling the same as you. There are other helplines that you can access and please click on the link below for details

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This will be a very different Christmas this year but I really do wish you a very happy time in what ever you choose to do and hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well and I wish you a very happy and healthy 2021.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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  1. We had to cancel our annual Christmas party. Things may be different this year, but my hubby and I manage to celebrate and be thankful for the little blessings. Merry Christmas and Stay Safe too. 🎄


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