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Diva In Lockdown ~La Voix ~Virtual ~Event ~Entertainment ~Theatre ~Music

This time last year was the last time I went out before the whole world changed and it was for a pirate afternoon tea at ‘The Counting House’ in Cleethorpes for Pirate Mick’s birthday. https://overtherhinestonerainbow.blog/2020/04/28/pirate-afternoon-tea-before-lockdown-pirate-afternoontea-countinghouse-cleethorpes-lincolnshire/ If I had known then how the world would change I would had made sure I had that extra cocktail as it was over four months until I was able to have another one in a bar!

Hopefully things are starting to look brighter. We are still in lockdown in the UK but on the road map to recovery, which at the moment seems to be on track. Food venues are allowed to serve take away or delivery food and so this year, on 12th March, for Pirate Mick’s birthday we have booked a delivery from one of our favourite restaurants and bars ‘The Curious Cat Bar’

When not in lockdown I can often be found in ‘The Curious Cat Bar’ with a cocktail or two or enjoying their Sunday lunch with and a drink with the accompanying music of the pianist with his fold away piano! Seriously you need to see it!! Hopefully he will be back when live music is allowed in venues. It is no surprise that ‘The Curious Cat’ was one of the first places I visited last summer, when the first lockdown was lifted for a short while. https://overtherhinestonerainbow.blog/2020/08/14/sunday-lunch-at-the-curious-cat-food-cocktails-eatingout/

So, back to Friday, food is ordered and what about entertainment? I do not think me singing ‘Happy Birthday’ is going to cut it!

One of our favourite performers is La Voix and if you are not already following her on social media then I suggest you rectify that as soon as possible. Honestly this last year would not had been as bearable without the fun and entertainment provided by La Voix and as luck would have it La Voix is holding a performance of ‘Diva In Lockdown’ a live Facebook show on Zoom on Friday 12th March 2021, Pirate Mick’s birthday.

La Voix has said she is “So so excited to do a live show for you all! Can’t wait. I’m choosing songs and some are the first songs I ever sang at Madame Jojos and some brand new ones”.

What songs would you like to hear and see La Voix perform? As it is also Liza Minnelli’s birthday I do not doubt that Liza will be making an appearance! Whether it will be ‘Liza in a Visor’ we will have to see!!

Tickets are available from the link above.

Zoom will open around 7.20pm so we will be able to chat like we do at the theatre and although microphones will be muted they can be unmuted at the end of songs for applause, just like in the theatre. Dress code is quoted as ‘Lockdown Glam’

So Friday night is going to be food, drinks, and a show and you know w hat I can not wait! It will be just like old times…. well almost!!

Let me know if you are joining the event and I will look out for you on the Zoom. Now I just have to decide on my lockdown glam look I had better go and search my wardrobe now!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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