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Well things are starting to return to some kind of normality to my life. I was so pleased to be able to book in some much needed beauty and well being appointments.

First on my list was my Botox top up. I normally have this procedure around every three to four months. Not only does it help with my confidence and anti aging but also greatly assists me with my stress headaches. I wrote about my treatment that I received last August on my blog

This was the last time, due to lockdowns, I was able to attend. Therefore I was so pleased to be able to book my appointment and on booking discovered they were at a new venue for Elm Tree Aesthetics has relocated to WE1 Studios on King Edward Street, Grimsby, DN31 3LB, on the same side of the road as Docks Beers.

WE1 is very easy to find and the building is stunningly impressive. King Edward Street in Grimsby used to be one of the busiest streets in the town many years ago and if you are in the area well worth a walk down to look at the architecture and how it has been adapted for recent times. Docks Beers used to be Saint Barnabas Mission Church and at WE1 there are already rooms let for a variety of different ventures and uses and the building is still under some renovation, which I can not wait to see completed.

Elm Tree Aesthetics new location at WE1

Elm Tree are of their usual high standards of customer care and medical practice and I was delighted, as always, with the final result. In fact after no treatment for over eight months I was ecstatic!!

On the way back from my Botox appointment I decided to go and get my nails done. I have tried many times over the years to grow my nails and sadly they just break straight away and the polish chips. Therefore by choice, I have acrylic nails.

As I was already in town I went to Ruby Nails and Beauty housed in Freshney Place Shopping Centre Grimsby. In the salon there are so many colours to choose from and as I can be somebody who is very indecisive it does cause me a little bit of anxiety choosing! It was not too bad this time as I decided to go for a bright colour to celebrate having acrylic nails the first time for well over a year and so I decided on a very bright pink! Once the nail and colour was applied I instantly felt better and had not realised how much I had missed them. They are an investment though and around every three weeks have to go for an infill and change of colour. Around every fourth visit a fresh new set of acrylics need to be applied and this is obviously a longer appointment. It is also always best to have them removed at the salon rather than by yourself as this can cause damage to your nails.

Bright Pink Nails

Another appointment I have been longing for was my hair appointment. I completed a review in November which was when I had my last appointment. Due to the lockdown all hair appointments were cancelled and when they were allowed to restart my salon, quite rightly, took the appointments to rebook in the order they were cancelled. I was not far down the list but still could not wait for my appointment at Sibley Hair, Cleethorpes.

I am still growing my hair and have not got any idea the length that I particularly want to grow it to. As I had one side shaved a year last January, one side is still thicker than the other, not that the naked eye can tell, but there is some thickness needed to develop.

I am lucky my hair does grow quickly and I have enclosed a photograph of hair growth and thickness from November to April.

I really needed the colour top up and went again for the platinum blonde. I am considering the rose gold for the summer for a change. What do you think?

So after those treatments I actually feel almost like myself again. It is amazing how much spending time, and money, on yourself can improve your mood and outlook.

Hopefully there wont be another lockdown and my regimes can continue undisrupted so not everything has to be done at the same time.

Have you treated yourself to any beauty treatments that you may have missed over the last few months or year and do you feel better for them, or have you embraced a completely different look or beauty regime? I would love to know.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza


    1. I bet it looks fabulous! Never should feel guilty of spending time and money on yourself to give yourself a boost! )

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