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Guess Who Is Back? La Voix Is Back!! ~Entertainment ~Theatre ~Tour

Guess who is back? Back on tour? La Voix is back, yes she’s back, yes she’s back !

After a making the best of the lockdown year by performing lockdown concerts, makeup classes, advice, videos, comedy skits, radio and everything in between! La Voix is back!

As you may know I am a huge fan and supporter of La Voix and my absolute adoration has been repaid by her in ten fold by her online work since the very beginning of the first lockdown, March 2020 and up to the current times.

As soon as the full lockdown was announced then La Voix was the first entertainer that I was aware of to put on lockdown concerts such as the Isolation Concert and continued throughout ending up to date with What a night!

Who could forget the hilarious video shorts including ‘Keep Fit with La Voix’ and parody’s of the latest tv or film show, such as ‘The Crown’, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and more recently ‘Line Of Duty’. There were also a full sketch series of La Voix’s family zoom calls written and directed by David McGillivray.

There have been so many chances to see La Voix on line with quizzes, dares and games and a popular cooking series with Rosemary Shrager ‘Queens Of The Kitchen’ and a series on Instagram TV. A twice weekly, fun, entertaining and light hearted show with exciting giveaways and challenges with ‘A Place In The Sun’ presenter Laura Hamilton called ‘Birds With Baggage

La Voix also did many live chats on Facebook, allowing people who were not seeing anybody to chat and interact and became a life line to some and brought out a socially distanced album with Brian Nash ‘Musically Distanced’ She also gave expert advice in Secret Makeup Club which were invaluable to all ages and genders.

I am sure I have only mentioned a handful of the things La Voix has entertained us throughout this very tough year and one of the only grateful things that have come out of this lockdown is seeing La Voix and her many, many talents throughout.

Now it is our time. Time for La Voix’s fans to support her as she has supported us.

La Voix’s 2021 commences on 21st May at Camberley Theatre. There are many dates already announced with others still under discussion. Take a look at the dates and see if there is one near you If there is let me know if you are booking tickets and if you cannot see one close to you let me know where would you like to see her perform La Voix Tour Dates

How could I finish this post but in the words of a La Voix song ‘When The Good Times Come Again’ ‘I will See You There, When The Good Times Come Again!’ Hopefully they will and I will definitely see you there!!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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