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Hidden Gems In The UK ~Louth ~Lincolnshire ~Market Town ~PlacesToVisit

Just down the road from me is the Georgian market town of Louth in Lincolnshire.

Louth is a very busy little market town just bursting full of character with so many little hidden gems that you could miss.

Walking around the many small independent shops is a must do. There are so many boutiques, home interiors and antique shops as well as a few high street named shops to purchase a perfect gift for somebody, or even a wonderful treat for yourself.

A shop that has been in Louth since 1781 and is one of the UK’s oldest independent family run department stores is Eve and Ranshaw However if being in the open air is more your thing there is a street market on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and throughout the year speciality markets such as craft, vintage, Christmas and farmers markets.

If you are a foodie then you will be in food heaven in Louth. There are many independent food shops, such as a local butchers, cheese shops, fishmongers, chocolatiers, greengrocers and bakeries. A particular a favourite in our household is Babbits for delicious homemade scones. A visit to Louth is not complete without a dessert from Baci & Co. The only problem I find here is choosing what to have!

You also can not go to Louth and not go into one of the fabulous eateries. There really is something for everybody. There are small little tea shops such as ‘Wonderland’ a tea shop based on Alice in Wonderland or the quaint Larders a tiny coffee shop down an alley. There are steakhouses, coffee and tea shops, cocktail bars and and traditional pubs. In fact something to suit every taste and preference. One of my favourites is ‘The Mansion House’ which is perfect for everything from a relaxing morning coffee, to a high class evening meal. I wrote a blog post last year when I visited the Mansion House for breakfast https://overtherhinestonerainbow.blog/2020/09/11/breakfast-at-the-mansion-house-louth-lincolnshire-foodreview/

If you want to get away from the bustle of the town then nearby is a place of natural beauty Hubbard’s Hills. You are able to walk from Louth town centre or there is a car park. You will find beautiful woodland walks, hills to climb, space to run and a stream with stepping stones to cross, or as I am sure every child in Lincolnshire has at some point, fallen in!

There is also a wonderful community park in the centre of Louth named Spout Yard which provides a play area, an outside performance space, relaxation garden, playground and river. Definitely a hidden gem not to be missed.

For evening entertainment check out the various pubs and clubs who often have acts performing. There is also a wonderful retro style cinema‘ which shows the very latest releases and plays performed at Louth Riverhead Theatre

Louth is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Let me know if you visit and if you have tried anything mentioned in this post or found a hidden gem of your own!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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