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A Little Touch Of Fabulousness!! ~WellBeing

If you are feeling a little low, and let’s face it we all do sometimes, then how can you get the sparkle back?  I often find to try to do something that makes you smile.

A little touch of something that makes you feel special actually goes a long way! It could be a touch of red lipstick, or a favourite colour polish on your nails.  Do you remember Liza Minnelli’s character Sally Bowles in Cabaret when she talks about her long green nails?  

            “I don’t think people should have to explain anything.
For example, if I should paint my fingernails green, 
And it just so happens I do paint them green, Well, if anyone should ask me why,
I say I think it’s pretty!”.
– Sally Bowles, ‘Cabaret’
She thinks it is pretty so to hell with the opinion of others!
When I was at college and university I would only wear red lipstick.  No other colour would do and I remember one particular day heading into town to buy a red lipstick from Woolworths as I had left my others at home and actually felt panic that I did not have it! Once it was applied I felt confident and ready to face the world!  Funny what just a small tube of lipstick can do!
I often have people commenting that they wish they could wear the clothes I do, or have the confidence to experiment more!
I can honestly say that I do not have dress sense!  I have found it more difficult to wear clothes that are fashionable and on trend than just doing my own thing!  I do not see my style as ‘out there’ or ‘experimental’, but saying that I am not afraid to clash the colours or mix the animal print. Some days I look in the mirror, because despite the rumours I do actually own a full length mirror!! haha!!, and think I must remove some of the animal print as it is head to toe!  I then often forget that my winter coat and boots are also leopard print!  Alaska 5000. has got a rival!! 
” Everything must be leopard print
Everything must be leopard print
Everything must be leopard print
Everything, leopard print
If it’s not leopard print it’s irrelevant
Everything must be leopard print
Everything must be leopard print
Leopard print, everything

Those shoes, leopard print
That blouse, leopard print
That door, leopard print
That house, leopard print
Your hair, leopard print
Your eyes, leopard print
Those arms, leopard print
These fries, leopard print

Excuse me, are you wearing Cheetah print?
                                                   Please leave immediately”
                                                                         -Alaska 5000

Alaska wearing leopard print green

Of course if you want to wear Cheetah print, then that is absolutely fine!! You own it!!

If you still feel anxious then start with something small.  Why not paint your toes a bright colour, or add glitter to one nail.  You could buy an unusual bag.  Once people start commenting and giving you compliments I am sure it will snowball from there!!  The main thing is only do what you feel comfortable doing.

Please let me know how you get on! I really would love to see!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza




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  1. I love the spirit of not having to explain anything! AND I would have liked to see some pics of your leopard prints!

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