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‘A Very Special Christmas’- A Short Story For Young Children By Lorna Liza

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Throughout the years I have written many books, stories and poems. I enjoy writing children’s Christmas stories and thought I would share this one with you called  ‘A Very Special Christmas’.


“There” said Mrs Mouse, placing the last shiny bauble onto the Christmas tree.  Mr Mouse sat down onto his chair and smiled as Marty looked up in wonder.  His face turned to disappointment when he gazed up at the top of the tree.
“What is the matter, Marty?” asked Mrs Mouse, placing an arm around his shoulder.
“There is no star at the top of the tree” cried Marty.
“Your father tried his best to get one of the stars off the big tree, but Tommy the cat chased your poor father into the mouse hole” said Mrs Mouse sadly.

That night, everywhere was quiet.  Marty moved silently out of the mouse hole and over to the large Christmas tree in the corner of the room, until he could actually see one of the stars that decorated the tree.  Just as he was about to run out and get one he spotted Tommy who was fast asleep under the tree.

Marty desperately wanted the star as a present for his parents and he bravely started to climb up onto one of the branches, when a large paw stopped him.
“Where do you think you are going? asked Tommy, licking his lips.
“I want that star as a present for my parents so we will be able to put it on top of our tree for Christmas” squeaked Marty.
Tommy nodded slowly.
“I see, so you were going to steal it were you?”.
“Oh no. I would only borrow it and put it back straight back after Christmas”.
“So this star would mean a lot to you?” asked Tommy.
Tommy reached out his paw and knocked one of the little stars to the floor.
“Here” said Tommy.
“Oh, Thank you” cried Marty.
Tommy helped Marty carry the star over to the mouse hole.
“Thank you” said Marty again “Oh, and happy Christmas!”
Tommy stopped.  “You are the only one who has ever said Happy Christmas to me.  A very Happy Christmas to you too, and your family. Goodnight”.

When Mr and Mrs Mouse saw the star they were very happy but concerned about the danger Marty had been in.
Marty told them how kind Tommy had been.
“How can we ever repay him?” asked Mrs Mouse.
“I have an idea” whispered Marty.

The next morning Tommy woke up and in the Christmas tree there hung a homemade card.  He pulled it down and opened it.  Inside was just a few simple words. ‘To Tommy, Happy Christmas, love from The Mouse Family’.  Tommy wiped a tear away from his eye with his paw. He had never received a card before.

From that Christmas to this, every year the Mouse family always find a small star at the door of their mouse hole and Tommy finds a little card with the words ‘Happy Christmas’ hanging on the Christmas tree.

Just giving these two simple little gifts makes everybody happy and makes ‘A very special Christmas’.

Love to hear your thoughts on this story.  This is aimed at children aged 3-5 years old and to encourage discussion on Christmas traditions, sharing and being kind to others.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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