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ABCD Is Easy As 1234 ~Drag ~Entertainment ~Show ~Review

As you know I love drag and my favourite Ru Paul girl is Bianca Del Rio. Her season in ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’ season six,  is my all time favourite and love the top four of that series! If you are trying to rack your brains let me refresh you! Bianca Del Rio won, with Adore Delano, Courtney Act and Darienne Lake filling in order respectively  the runner up places!

One weekend I was browsing on social media and saw that a tour, staring these four, was being produced!  Only four dates at the end of November and December!! I jumped at the chance to go and see them and Manchester was our closest! (Not close but the closest!).  My very good friend booked the tickets and another friend said they would drive which I am so thankful for and the date was booked and all we had to do was wait, buy outfits and get excited!!

So finally the first Sunday in December arrived and off we set!

Nothing better than a road trip with your friends! Lots of laughs and catch ups made the journey fly by.  When we arrived we parked close by and headed to the venue.   02 Ritz Manchester

The queue outside was so long even though we were there in plenty of time!  It was a sell out so looked to be a good night and everybody in the queue was in such good spirits.  Whilst in the queue a man approached us and asked if my friend would like to go on stage for one of the games and be with Bianca Del Rio!!! One word !!! Yessssss!!!! Amazing! I could not believe it that in this very long queue we were chosen!! Certainly living our best lives! Well my friend was but you have to remember who your friends are and not desert us at the first sign of fame!!! haha!!!

When we entered the venue we had our bags checked and went upstairs! This is the VIP area so there was also Diva May, the drag queen, up there.  Some people who had booked the VIP package had seats and we were able to find a couple sat at a table to stand behind which meant we had the perfect view!!  It also meant I could take off my heels and could still see!!! Bonus!!!

There was a bar upstairs that was quite expensive and does not serve full fat coke only diet!! The toilets were gender neutral, which is brilliant and I wish would be adopted all over!

Then it was time to start the show!  The room was electric and it was amazing when they first appeared on the stage behind the large capital letters of their names! It was surreal seeing these fabulous queens in the flesh for the first time. I loved the costumes and thought the interaction between them all was amazing.  Loved the golden girls medley ‘Thank you for being a friend’ which they repeated a little of on the Courtney Act Christmas show, shown on Christmas Eve. The under water segment with Bianca as the crab Sebastian, Adore as Ariel, Courtney as Flounder and Darienne as Ursula  will stay with me for a very long time.
At the interval, which included lots of screen time about other Ru Paul girls adventures and tours, my friend disappeared back stage and next thing we knew he was being fabulous playing the game devised for the tour, rapping the lyrics from the season six!!  Everybody was brilliant in front of the sell out crowd and you are encouraged to boo some times and that is the nature of the game.  It is an adult pantomime! I was so proud of my friend. He got to stand next to Bianca Del Rio and he can say he performed on stage with them all!! Wow!!!
The rest of the show was brilliant but was over far too quickly and we had to head home back to reality!! It was a much quieter ride on the way home but it meant we were all thinking of all the tales we had to tell and the wonderful memories to cherish. Not forgetting to live your best life and always add glamour and sparkle!


Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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