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Afternoon At Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend, Part Three ~Event ~shopping

After our lunch in Whitby at ‘The Magpie Cafe’, as described in the last post Pirate Mick and I enjoyed a stroll along the bustling harbour.
Walking along Marine Parade, Whitby, we passed the Dracula Experience museum.  This always makes me smile as it reminds me of the time, many, many years ago, that Pirate Mick and I went in and I was perfectly fine with the animated scenes and special effects, but did not like the live actors and ran out the back door!!  I am the same on ghost trains. I love them but have never been on one and kept my eyes open!  I know!!!! The trouble with having a vivid imagination I guess!!
Admission fees for the Dracula experience, as of this post, are £3.00 in the summer season. Open daily 9.45am-5pm.
Why not go and let me know what I missed?  I may even pluck up the courage to try again!
Back to the present day and Pirate Mick and I had a drink and then headed back into town.  We passed the infamous goth shop in Whitby ‘Pandemonium’ shop but it was heaving with people so I decided to take a look at their website  when I returned home.
Crossing the swing bridge in Whitby often means just going with the flow of people as the town was packed. It is great to see so many people having a good time and no trouble.  Some of the costumes were fabulous and there were lots of dogs dressed up too! Adorable!
On the other side of the bridge is the Shambles.  Small and quaint boutiques and gift shops and the home of the inside and outside market.
There are some lovely places to eat and drink in Whitby.  You must try ‘Sherlock’s Coffee House’, decorated as if Sherlock Holmes would just be popping in for a drink, or ‘Elizabeth Botham and Sons‘ Victorian tea rooms.
There are places to suit every taste and requirements. 

Finally it was time to start thinking of heading home, tired but delighted with the success of the day. We were glad, as always, that we had visited and gave a little  promise to ourselves to return again very soon.

Do you have a favourite place in the UK? What do you think of festivals and events such as Whitby Goth Weekend? Do you think they are a good idea or do you prefer to avoid them at all costs?

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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