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Time For Those Eyebrows To Be Raised! ~Makeup ~Beauty

I love the vintage look of the 1940’s-50’s.  This means I aim for having dark eyebrows, even though I have blonde (bottle!!) hair as I love the impact the contrast portrays.

As I am (always) trying to save the pennies I thought I would attempt a DIY  kit from the shop. 

I browsed the shelves and was attracted to the packaging of the box for ‘Coloursport 30 day Mascara’ for five pounds. I think this was more to do with the fact it was called Diva and I loved the warning on the back: This product can make you gorgeous-use at your own risk.  I’m easily pleased and always ready to be gorgeous!

I was sensible and carried out the skin sensitivity test 48 hours prior to application.  I know it’s a drag but if you have an allergic reaction, that would definitely  not be attractive!.

Luckily after no adverse reactions I collected the necessary equipment. Oil free cleanser, cotton wool and the eyelash kit.

I prepared my eyes with the oil free cleanser and coated the skin above and below the eyelashes and eyebrows as instructed.


I mixed together the eyelash dye cream and the required drops of developer liquid and applied.
I waited a couple of minutes for the eyebrows and about fifteen for the eyelashes.

After the dye the brows and lashes are darker but not as dark as I would like.

I will repeat the process and dye my lashes and brows again in the future.  It will not replace going to the eyebrow treatment bar but it will help to extend the time in between visits.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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