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Behind The Candelabra~ Liberace Film Review ~Entertainment

Now and again you see a film that you love and this film was on the television the other day and is also available on Netflix and it is the story of Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson in  ‘Behind The Candlelabra’

Liberace has always been a fascination of mine.  I loved the glamour and the over the top showmanship he made sure was paramount to every show he performed.  His life was orchestrated for the public to see the stage and film persona he wanted them to see.  This persona was full of over the top, glitzy sparkles, innuendos and an incredible musical talent.

In this biopic Michael Douglas plays Liberace. I adore Michael Douglas but wondered if he could do this part justice and I need not had worried as in fact he was so good that you often forgot you were watching Michael and not Liberace.

Matt Damon plays Scott Thorson and it is Scott’s autobiography that the film is based on.‘Behind the Candelabra, My Life With Liberace’.  I would recommend reading the book but, as with the film, remember it is one persons view of their relationship.  What is the saying, ‘What is chaos to the fly is normal to the spider’ or something like that!

Matt Damon was amazing, especially in the scene where he wears some little gold shorts that make watching the film worth it just for that!! Not that I am shallow but it is definitely a highlight to watch out for!

Rob Lowe plays the plastic surgeon who has gone, just a little bit too far..and then some!!

When I first watched the film I was shocked at the end to see in the credits it was the wonderful Debbie Reynolds  playing Lee Liberace’s mother!!  The make up and acting is amazing I really could not tell it was her! Debbie Reynolds was a much talented and versatile actress who is greatly missed.

The acting in the film is amazing and there are more sparkles than a glitter ball and more camp than a holiday camp site but I was like a kid in a sweet shop!! I love the old Hollywood glamour and schmaltz. It is however not a happy ever after story and there is a lot of sadness and sordid details behind the glitz that the story touches on.

Matt Damon is a lot older that the real life Scott Thorson was when this film was set.  Scott was only 17 when he met Liberace in 1976.   Liberace introduced Scott to a lifestyle that he could only had dreamed about.  Unfortunately it looks like that was probably the start of Scott’s drug addiction and he still sadly faces those demons today.

If you love show business and entertainment films then make sure you have seen this movie and always remember what Liberace said:

Too much of a good thing is fabulous!!

When It Rains Look For Rainbows!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

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