Hidden Gem in the UK ~Grimsby Town Centre ~St James Church ~Fisherman Memorial ~ Labyrinth

In the heart of Grimsby there is St.James Church which has been in the town for over 900 years. The area around the church has recently undergone a renovation costing over a million pounds. It is now the perfect place to meet up or catch a few sun rays away from the hustle and bustle …

Freddie Frinton Exhibition ~Theatre ~Event ~Entertainment

Earlier this year I attended an exhibition held at ‘Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre’  Lincolnshire, about the life of Freddie Frinton. Freddie Frinton  was born on January 17th, 1909 in Grimsby, England, named at birth Frederick Bittiner Coo. Freddie was a variety and music hall star, as well as a television actor and writer. In 1963, his show …

The Empire Theatre Tour Cleethorpes ~Entertainment ~History

A visit behind the scenes and even the walls, of the old Empire Theatre in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire. So I was delighted to here that the Heritage Open Days were allowing guided tours of the old theatre building.

 In the eighties it was converted into an amusement arcade and now has incorporated a laser quest on the upper floors. 

I had been fore warned that there was uneven floors and dimly lit rooms, so I went prepared dressed in leggings, t shirt and flat shoes! I am so clumsy that I was worried I would fall through the ceiling but happy to report that I remained unscathed, and so did the building! On arrival there was a information display on the ground floor of the centre showing photographs and some of the artefacts that have been compiled so far. 

The tour was really interesting and the main tour guide was very knowledgeable and must had done hours upon hours of research.  He presented it in a very interesting way and pointed out the architectural features, including the stage arch, the original windows and floor as well as giving out interesting facts and information. We were walked along the balcony and saw the old stage door entrance. The dressing rooms were under the stage and many times I have walked past the outside of the building and not noticed the bricked up windows and old gas light holder outside of the boarded up stage door. The dressing rooms can only been viewed by somebody crawling on the floor and looking through a small hatch.  I would love to see what, if anything is  still down there. I hope that the walls still have the echos of Tessie O’Shea, Bruce Forsyth, Sabrina and many other actors who have treaded the boards there.

Looking over the theatre above the suspended ceiling there is a feeling of being in the theatre. Under all the layers of black paint is a story to tell.  The features remind me very much of the theatre in Leeds, ‘The City Varieties’ Wouldn’t it be fabulous to bring this theatre back to its full glory to Cleethorpes? My dream is to bring a variety theatre back to Cleethorpes, to show case drag, burlesque, variety and fabulous entertainment.  Possibly in the night club style but with family entertainment as well. It is such a shame that I have so many ideas but not the money!But it does not hurt to dream! This has inspired me to find out more about the history of local entertainment venues. Do you have any stories to share on the Empire Theatre or any other venues?  Do you agree it should be brought back to a theatre or has this time been and gone? Let me know your thoughts.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxxx

All photos, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza.

Join Me In A ‘Stay At Home’ VEDay Street Party! ~Event ~Information

Friday 8th May 2020, marks 75 years since the surrender of Germany from the Second World War. Victory in Europe, known as V E Day should had been celebrated across the nation with street parties, dancing and singing. Sadly one of the biggest threats to people, since the war, has meant that the Corona Virus …

I’m Dreaming of a Vintage TV Christmas ~1973

It’s Christmas!!! Do you remember the excitement of purchasing the Radio Times or TV Times at Christmas and marking all the programmes you wanted to watch or video?  I did.  It was certainly part of the run up to Christmas for me and I still enjoy doing it, although it is very different now as …

Rainy Days and Sundays at Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa Antiques Fair ~Lincolnshire ~Events

      Recently Pirate Mick and I went to an ‘Antique and Collectors Fair’ at Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.    The weather was not good.  Very cold and very wet. I need not had bothered about what to wear as I never had to take off my coat but luckily I was wearing my …