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Cocktails On A Tipsy Tapas Afternoon ~Drinks ~Review

When you become an adult, I wont say grown up because I have made the promise to never grow up, it becomes more and more difficult to find the time to fit in everything in every day life.  Do you also find that adult friendships are built on saying to your friends that you will meet up soon and be in touch and that time sadly often never comes.
Luckily My friend and I managed to find a date that both of us could make and met up for drinks and a much needed catch up one Saturday afternoon.
I decided to wear my new Collectif leopard print dungarees high waisted skirt dress that I purchased in the Collectif on line sale recently (January 2020) and of course my new favourite,  La Voix ‘Ohh La La’ matte red lipstick
The first consideration was where to go on a wet afternoon weekend in Cleethorpes?  We headed down Sea View Street. There are a few eateries and bars to choose from and we chose to go first into ‘Havana Cabana’ which opened in April 2019.
Havana Cabana is a rum and tequila bar serving Cuban and Mexican street food in the bar and there is a restaurant upstairs.
We were seated downstairs and given a bar menu, drinks menu and a food menu. Just wanting something to snack on we decided to share a plate of nachos, with salsa, cheese and guacamole which was really nice and served in a pan on the table so easy to share.
We had a couple of cocktails from the menu, which has various cocktails at various prices. One of my favourite is the pink flamingo which comes in a printed flamingo glass.
We had heard about an offer at another bar ‘The Counting House’ also in Sea View Street CountingHouseCleethorpes   The Counting House used to be my bank not that long ago and I love how it has been tastefully renovated into a popular bar and restaurant. We headed a few steps along the street and found ourselves sitting on bar stools at a high table waiting for our ‘Tipsy Tapas’. The Tipsy Tapas is described as 12 pounds for 4 mini cocktails.  They are in four different sections and are pre decided but there is a large choice for different tastes. However, do not be fooled they are not mini!!! Such good value and could be shared, but ours definitely weren’t!
I really enjoyed the Miss Wright cocktail which is a counting house speciality. What is your favourite cocktail?

Around five hours later we had definitely caught up on our gossip and had had a lovely time.  Would recommend heading down ‘Sea View Street’ if you are in Cleethorpes and browsing the independent shops and enjoying the local hospitality.

Don’t forget to arrange a friend date now and again!! Why not get those diaries out now!!!
Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx
All photographs, unless stated, are copyright of Lorna Liza

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