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Hello! I must apologise for being incommunicado this month. Pirate Mick is not very well at the moment and decided, at the beginning of the month, to frighten me by collapsing and being taken in hospital. This caused complete chaos, especially as I know the NHS are under unbearable pressure at the moment but due to Covid nobody can visit or accompany to the hospital and nobody answering the phones for hours does not help! Thankfully, apart from waiting for an operation Pirate Mick is home and doing well.

Due to the stress my nephrotic syndrome decided to remind me that it was still here! I had to eventually make an appointment at the doctors and I am feeling a lot better.

Lorna Liza “Hello”

Due to this I am just getting back into life as we know it!! I have been recently to some events which I must tell you about and I have quite a few dates up to Christmas! I know Christmas! When did that sneakily creep up on us!

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Today I went to Brigg Garden Centre. Now that is Christmas central. My own opinion is that it is going to have to be careful it does not become a victim of own success. It is now huge but all over the place. It feels very commercial like, how much money can we get from you before you leave. That said they do have some wonderful displays and I am sure when places are finished it will be magical, it was just so very, very busy!

Have you visited a garden centre to see the Christmas displays yet? Do you think Christmas is getting too commercial?

Love to hear your views and I will be back with more posts very, very soon. Until then, lots of love with…

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

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