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Coffee and Cake Blog Chat

Summer weather is returning. Which is very annoying as summer has been so wet and dull. However better late than never!

Although I love summer I am looking forward to getting cosy and warm and soon be turning my attention to Halloween and Christmas!

Joanie Clothing

Speaking of cosy and warm I was excited that the wonderfully talented ‘Carrie Hope Fletcher’ is releasing a clothing range with Joanie Clothing. Carrie is currently staring as ‘Bad Cinderella’ in London’s West End.

I became aware of Carrie from the musical ‘Heather’s’ and absolutely love her positive attitude and down to earth personality. Despite being the leading lady for Andrew Lloyd Webber she finds the time for many other projects. She seems a fun ball of energy!

The clothes are perfect for me and I find the appeal in the autumnal colours. Cats are always a winner for me and there are a few designs with them as well as bats and butterflies. There is a variety of fabrics including velvet and I love that Carrie models them herself. What are your opinions on them? Have you purchased from Joanie Clothing before? I particularly have my eye on the meowsical theatre t-shirt.


Currently I am reading ‘Name Dropping In The Wings’ by David Collison.

I love books recently attending the book launch of ‘Everybody’s Doing It’ by Abigail Collins.

‘Name Dropping In The Wings’ is an interesting read of the workings and dramas back stage and best of all it actually happened.

The author David Collinson started his career in 1955 as an ASM at the Arts Theatre Club in London. He worked his way, learning the trade and became sound designer on many musicals and designed many sound systems in theatres.

I am enjoying the book and love the stories that incorporate some of my favourites, such as Kenneth Williams and Maggie Smith.

Please let me know if you have read this or if you have any books to recommend.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

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