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I have always prided myself on being individual and not influenced by current fashion. This is still true now as it was when I was very young but on reflection I realise that I am actually influenced, not by current fashion, but by my interests or people who I look up to.

When I was very young I was highly influenced by ‘Dynasty’ the American television soap opera. While friends my age were in jeans and t shirts I was in shoulder pads and dresses. I even used a Joan Collins beauty book to learn how to apply make up. You have to imagine how horrendous that probably looked on a eleven year old!!

Whilst at college I decided to wear mainly all black but always with a bright red lip. I remember saving up and buying a leather jacket that at the time was the most expensive item of clothing I owned. I kept it in my wardrobe for years after, long after it stopped fitting me! At this time I remember going out and forgetting to take red lipstick with me and actually having to go into a shop and buy a red lipstick! now that was dedication to the lips!!

After college I actually moved completely to the other extreme and wore as many bright colours as I could. It was around this time I went for a more tousled beach look.

When I had my health problems this influenced what I could wear. No longer could I wear tight clothing due to fluctuating weight gain and nothing tight around my waist, due to scaring, and so this means leggings were my clothing of choice. Initially they were only available in black but as the years have gone by they are now available in many colours and designs. The medication also meant that I had to be careful with my hair colour and which dye I could use and went for darker colours, purple and dark brunette.

I still loved looking to my idols for inspiration on my look and for my 40th birthday I had a vintage and retro afternoon tea party and for that occasion I based my look on Lorna Luft. I bought a black ‘Lindy Bop’ dress which I thought resembled the dress I had seen her wear which was perfect for me as the style of the dress was not tight around my waist but fitted enough to give some shape.

Lorna Luft ‘Judy Garland Song Book’
Lindy Bop Dress

I already had some fluffy net petticoats and, as I was going for the Lorna Luft look, wore my red one from Hell Bunny I love Hell Bunny petticoats. You can purchase them in different lengths and sizes and there are a wide range of colours to choose from. They wash really well and once dry fluffs back up quickly. I also think they are a reasonable price for the quality. I have worn them under many dresses, both on and off stage although one warning, you will get very hot wearing them!!

I have since worn the dress both with and without the underskirt. It washes well and has kept the shape. It is a heavier fabric and so is definitely a autumn and winter season dress although because of the heavier fabric if, after you have machine washed it, you place it on a hanger to dry it does not require ironing or pressing.

Another time I based one of my looks on one of my idols was a Hollywood themed show, when I decided to try and recreate the look of ‘Judy Garland‘ from the film musical ‘Summer Stock’.

For this look I purchased a black dinner jacket and a black trilby hat. They are usually quite easy to get hold of from vintage or charity shops. I paired this with diamond square earrings, black stockings, red lips and red nails. How do you think I did?

I did put my own take on the shoes and wore my black glitter and gold high heels.

I would love to know if you base your look, or style yourself, using influences from others or from the media ? I certainly have embraced the ‘lockdown leisure’ look at home over the last year but have a wardrobe full of glitter and sparkle all ready to party!

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear your views.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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