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Day Trip To Skegness ~Lincolnshire ~UK

As it is the British summertime, you have to make the most of every sunny day that comes along as you are never sure when the next one might be.
We took our own advice and after checking the weather forecast headed down the coast to the coastal resort of Skegness. Known locally as ‘Skeg Vegas’.
I like to go to Skegness at least once a year.  It is so touristy that you really feel like you are on your holidays! There are bars, arcades, golf, aquariums, boat rides, fairground rides, shops, horse and cart rides and so much more!
We arrived early and parked the car in the large car park near the seal sanctuary.  This seemed to be attracting many visitors which delighted me.  Please support!
The parking of the car cost £7.00 for the day.
We headed passed the ‘Suncastle’ venue, which always attracts me and intrigues me
but we needed breakfast and headed straight to ‘Skegness Pier’ and Hollywood bowl and diner which is a bowling alley and diner. 
I did manage to persuade Pirate Mick to play on some of the many games first on the way!
I was finally persuaded to go and we headed down the stairs and ordered breakfasts, which where great when they arrived but we did have to wait a very long time, and there was not many other diners when we started but was when we finished!!
Once finally finished Pirate Mick and I then enjoyed some more of the arcade entertainments! When you play the arcades you win tickets which can be exchanged for prizes from the shop. There seemed no tips on how to win many or just a few!  One Scooby Doo race game gave out the tickets at an alarming rate!  We thought it would never stop! Then we attempted the ‘fun’ bowling! I wanted so badly to sing the soundtrack to ‘Grease 2’ ”Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, just rock and roll. Hey come on let’s get the show on the road!!”
Pirate Mick was so much better at the bowling than me! Boooo!!!  I however felt I looked better!!! I looked the part.  I was wearing my Banned denim shorts with red gingham trim, red gingham top from ‘New Look’ and I did put on my red and white Varsity bowling jacket for the picture.  I had my hair up and tied in a white and black scarf.We then headed through the pier gardens, paying our respects to ‘The Jolly Fisherman’ and then onto the shops.  These vary widely from tourist shops to lovely home decor shops and chains like Pandora and WHSmiths.
We walked back onto the Pleasure Beach where there are lots of stalls and rides for all ages and I just love the excitement of it all, the squeals of enjoyment from the children and me when I see the 1950’s ice-cream parlour with scooter seats!!
We stopped for a drink in an outside bar as the sun was still shining and then strolled around the boating lake, finishing off for an ice-cream before heading back to the car.
 It definitely felt like a holiday and I can not wait for my next visit!
Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx



All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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