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Howdy lovelies I hope you are keeping well.

Just realised that it is the anniversary to when I went to see one of my idols, the one and only Dolly Parton.
It was the ‘Blue Smoke World Tour’ to promote Dolly’s 42nd studio album ‘Blue Smoke’. Have you listened to it? 

This particular tour played in North America, Australasia and then Europe, even incorporating a cheeky visit to Glastonbury thrown in for good measure.

This was not the first time I saw Dolly.  The first was in Sheffield and this time it was in Leeds First Direct arena.

I travelled by Solid Entertainment coach and arrived at the venue before 6pm. Doors did not open until 6.30pm so I used it as a chance to grab a drink. There is a Wetherspoons and a Costa coffee just outside the arena.
It was a lovely evening weather wise and everybody was in high spirits. There were many cowboy hats in the crowd and I was in the spirit with my Dolly T-shirt that has her slogan on it ‘It costs a lot of money to look this cheap’.

After having my bag checked by security I entered the arena at around 7pm. I went straight to the merchandise and purchased another Dolly
Then it was up the escalators up to 323. I then realised there is a merchandise shop on each floor, toilets and a bar.

Gradually the arena filled up until it was full and then just after eight the band struck up ‘Hello Dolly’ and on walked the legendary Dolly Parton, looking amazing.
She started singing with ‘Baby I’m burnin” and ‘Why’d you come in here lookin’ like that’ and then ‘Jolene’. Unfortunately, during Jolene the sound went down. Everybody in the audience sang along and joined her. You could still hear her without her microphone. A true star!!
Once the sound was restored Dolly sang the classics along with the new album songs, which in my opinion will soon be classics in their own right. I really love ‘Blue Smoke’.
Throughout the show Dolly tells stories, jokes and plays many instruments, showing how talented she is.

She finished with my favourite ‘Here you come again’ then ‘Island’s in the stream’ and ‘9-5’. Dolly then re sang ‘Jolene’ before finishing with, what else ‘I will always love you’.


At the close of the evening it just reinforced that ,you can be sure ‘I will always love Dolly!’.  

Who would you like to see live? Or have you ever met your idol, and did they live up to expectations? I would love to know.

    Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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