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Everybody’s Doing It ~Book ~Launch ~Event ~Review

I recently attended the launch (virtually sadly) of the book ‘Everybody’s Doing It’ by Abigail Collins.

I have met Abigail a few times over the years when she brought her fabulous cabaret act to the ‘Cat’s Pyjama’s Burlesque Night’. She is a fantastic versatile variety entertainer and is one of my favourite performers performing and incorporating music, comedy and circus skills. I will never forget her Swan Lake on traffic cones, hula hooping with many hoops at one time, climbing on unexpected audience members and her infamous glass trick! If you are not sure what I am talking about then I implore you to check her out on You Tube, you wont be disappointed.

Not content with being a world class performer, Abigail has turned her hand to writing. Her first book ‘Everybody’s Doing It’ is a modern day dating story. Anybody who has used, or considered using, dating sites should read this hilarious and touching story. It follows Kat who after she finds her husband has been cheating on her and beginning her last year of her thirties decides to open the door to the world of dating. She has not anticipated how much dating has changed in the years she has been married, and that lends to many funny and disastrous dating stories that are played out with the support and often hinderance of her best friends and family.

I found the book such a fun easy read with sometimes an uncomfortable glimpse at your own life and reminds you of your own dating disasters that you would rather forget! The story moves along at a steady, easy going pace that allows you to keep interest but does not rush the story. I also enjoyed the fact that there were only a few main characters in the story and follows the story from the main characters perceptive, meaning characters and stories are not muddled and confused. I feel this is the perfect lazy Sunday morning book or a beach book to read by the pool on holiday.

Do you have any dating disasters that you would like to forget or are they stories you use as a perfect after dinner anecdote?

I have been married for over 22 years and so my dating disaster stories are from years ago! I remember being arranged a blind date and getting to the club to discover it was an ex who I really did not want to revisit. Another was going on a date and having another suitor turn up and join us after I had informed him where I would be that evening and who with. That was quite awkward and slightly bizarre!! I also had somebody buy the same bedroom décor as I had so they would feel close to me in bed. Totally weird!!

I loved the book launch and enjoyed hearing Abigail read out excepts from the book and this encouraged me to purchase and read. I would love to know if you purchase it what you think and really hope this is the first of many more to come!

Check out Abigail’s website with details of her acts and book and the book can be purchased from all good book shops!

Happy reading!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

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