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Eyebrow Semi-Permanent Makeup Tattoo TopUp ~Features Beauty

The weekend started on Friday afternoon with my eyebrow semi-permanent makeup tattoo top up appointment with Features Beauty Limited at The Attic Spa in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Features Beauty: Elite Semi-Permanent Makeup

I book a top up of my brows yearly. Some people prefer them done sooner or later it is totally down to individual choice.

This year I decided to have the powder brow look completely. Before I have had a mixture of powder and hair stroke. I like an impact of colour and on discussion and advice decided that this is preference for my current desirable image.

After arriving at the spa numbing cream is applied and during treatment I honestly do not feel a thing. The brow area can be a little tender for the next couple of days but nothing extreme.

Everything throughout the appointment is explained and nothing is rushed. I have total faith and confidence in Charlotte who owns Features Beauty Limited and know she provides top class care and uses semi-permanent makeup or micro-pigmentation to enhance features.

The instructions for after care are still the same, I must not get my eyebrows wet for 8-10 days. No face cream, saunas spa’s, sunbeds, swimming or sweaty gym sessions.

All procedures must be healed for a maximum of 10 days before going into the hot sun.


Before top up
Applying the numbing cream
Straight after eyebrow tattoo semi-permanent makeup tattoo

Treatment Price

Treatment top up for my eyebrows is £105.00 {The initial appointment is longer and costs around £200)

Example of some other prices, as of September 2021

Eyeliner Top and Bottom £200 £100 Thicker liner Top and Bottom £250 £100 Lip Liner Full Lip Tint £250 £100

Each procedure initially is a two part treatment. The first treatment is the initial shape and colour and the second treatment, 4-6 weeks later is to check everything is okay and perfect the colour, shade and shape. The colour does not stay as intense as the eyebrows look initially. As explained in my previous blog post the eyebrow will scab over, and the scary part, fall off leaving a light colour behind. This will darken again in a few days.

Have you tried this enhancement treatment and are you as pleased as I am? Have you always fancied having this done but still have a few questions then please feel free to contact me.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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