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Coffee and Cake Catch Up ~Who Has Been In My Cottage?

Hello, following on from my last catch Coffee and Cake Catch Up with you I thought I would share a funny story that I have recently been reminded of.

Looking towards to camera with a Betty's mug
Coffee and Cake Catch Up with my Bettys mug

One of my friends has recently moved house. Her old home will always hold a special place in my heart as a very embarrassing moment happened there.

Who Has Been In My Cottage?

Now this friend lived a little in the countryside in a cottage with acres of land around her and this one time she was having a party. The party started in the afternoon and into the evening.

It was quite difficult to find the house and before I had a sat nav so she helpfully decorated the way with balloons dotted along the way.

Pirate Mick and I followed the balloons and found the house with no problem. We parked up in the lane and I grabbed a bottle of Toffee Vodka to take in, before heading to the front door.

As we approached the door it opened straight away. There was a man who said to come in and wait. We followed him into the kitchen and he said something along the lines of ‘She’s just upstairs and be down in a minute’. I said not to worry and made small talk. I however started to get the feeling that something was not quite right and was relieved to hear my friend running down the stairs but as she entered the room, she stopped dead.

This was probably because the people in her house she had never seen before!!!

We all just stood looking at each other. Finally I managed to mumble the name of my friend and the poor man, who I had spent a long time talking to said, “Oh she lives next door!”.

Well it turns out that I had not realised that it was a semi detached cottage. My friends door was around the other side!! I apologised profusely and bundled Pirate Mick out of their house. We sheepishly walked around to the right door regaling my friend with the story, who found it hilarious, on arrival.

She later found out that they the neighbours were expecting a new baby sitter and thought I was them, even though I was clutching a bottle of toffee vodka and had Pirate Mick in tow!

Moral Of The Story

The evening turned into a fabulous night and holds some great memories. However to moral of the story is to always double check addresses and names before entering somebodies home! Do not be a goldilocks like me!!

Do you have a story like this? Have you ever entered the wrong house? Would love to hear from you.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

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