Guide Dogs World Record ~Event

Hello lovelies, how are we all getting on?  Hope things are going okay and you are finding things to be your new ‘normality’ for the moment.
As you know I love going out and my life before this pandemic, was entertainment.  Hardly a weekend would pass without socialising, watching or being involved in some art or theatrical event.
I have tried to find ways to still be in touch with my creative and theatrical side but obviously not leaving home!

Looking on line is a good place to start as there is so much to do.  Some activities require or desire a payment and others are for free. There is a varying degree in the professionalism of what is on line but it does not always mean that the best entertainment will come from the most expensive or experienced.

I have tried to help some causes and charities that are close to me during what must be a very worrying time for them. One of these charities is the guide dogs.
My great grandmother was blind and my Nana and Grandad’s next door neighbour was blind and had the most amazing guide dogs. From a very young age I was a member of the ‘Eye Spy’ club which was the children’s club for the charity supporting the visually impaired.

The guide dogs were trying to raise money during this pandemic and encouraged people to join in a world record attempt.
You were asked to have an afternoon tea between 3and 4pm and then take a selfie holding a mug.  This,m I decided meant getting out our best teapot and dressing up. I decided on a beautiful sundress that my friend made me from a vintage pattern and material. After taking a photograph you had to  upload the photograph to a post on the guide dogs website and it was from there counted in the world record.  We then made a small donation to the charity.  Many people took part including Martin Clunes, Lorraine Kelly and Julie Walters to name just a few!

Our World Record entry, wearing a dress made by my lovely friend, from vintage fabric and holding my amazing La Voix mug, which can be purchased from her website shop
Take a look at the website to see
  • Over 5000 photos of people joining in the world records attempt
  • Inspiring stories from guide dog owners
  • A host of celebrities enjoying a cuppa and sharing recipes
  • Fun activities for the kids including how to make your own blindfold
  • Story time online from one of our lovely speakers
Did you take part? Have you found anything to do that you recommend?  Please share your activities that you have been doing and Stay safe and stay home!! We can do this together! 
Remember when it rains look for rainbows 🌦🌈
Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx
All photos, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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