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Happy Birthday Dolly Parton!
Dolly Parton has always been an idol of mine. I have never known a time without her music being played or seeing her perform on the television.  I have been very lucky that I have been able to see her perform live twice.  Once on the ‘Pure and Simple’ tour and again on the ‘Better Days’ tour.  Both times I have been amazed at the energy and professionalism she puts into every show.  She radiates love, hope and energy and you can tell she genuinely loves the songs she has written and those she performs. Here is a link to the post I did when I went to see Dolly on her Blue Smoke tour dolly-parton-live- bluesmoke-tour

Dolly was born to the Parton family on 19th January 1946 in Tennessee, United States.  She was born into a very large family who were poor in money but not in love. I think Dolly was one of those people who would make a success of what ever she chose to do.  She seemed prepared to work hard and make sacrifices to achieve her dream.

Dolly Parton has survived because she has been prepared to change and adapt to different genres. She started with country music and joined Porter Wagoner on his television programme ‘The Porter Wagoner Show’ and started recording songs that she had written.  She moved into pop music with ‘Here You Come Again’ in 1977 topping both the country charts and reaching the pop charts therefore making her a household name.

Not content with music success Dolly moved into films and enjoyed successes in ‘Nine to Five’ and ‘Steel Magnolias’ to name a couple. My favourite Dolly film is ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ What is yours?
Dolly has recently moved into writing films that are based on her music.  Have you seen Heart Strings on Netflix, the latest of her projects?  She always has something else in the planning. I totally admire her energy and drive.

Dolly’s look has always intrigued me.  I love the fact that she is not understated and dresses how she pleases.  She does not hide the fact that she has undergone many cosmetic surgeries and I love this.  When asked how long it takes to do her hair she says ‘I don’t know, I’m never there’.  I take this as she plays dress up everyday.  I would love to do this.  I am more confident putting on my face, wig and taking on a character.  Dolly Parton is totally a drag queen!

Dolly Parton supports many charities and associations.  She set up the ‘Imagination Library’ and this enables children to access one book per month.  Why not check with your local council to see if there is a scheme running in your area.

Dollywood Foundation brings jobs and in the Great Smoky Mountains there is a huge theme park ‘Dollywood’ which is jointly owned by Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton, in my opinion, is a true entertainer.  She is part of the old school where she puts on a show every time she is seen in public.  You would never know her personal and private issues and battles, which I am sure she has.  She is known for her positive outlooks and her witty one liners are often described as ‘The Dolly Lama’.

I am not sure if Dolly will do a UK tour again and so I totally recommend that you check out ‘Kelly O’Brien’ who performs the Dolly Show. http://thedollyshow.com
She is the ultimate Dolly Parton Tribute Entertainer

Do you have any stories about Dolly?  Do you have a favourite song or film?
I will leave this post with Dolly’s motto
‘Dream more, learn more, care more and be more’

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx
All photos, unless stated, are copyright of Lorna Liza

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