Happy Days Are Here Again ~Vintage ~Retro ~Fair

Today Pirate Mick and I headed off on a road trip to Beverley, North Yorkshire, UK, as there was a vintage and retro fair at the race course.
I had to decide what to wear and decided on high waisted jeans and a black ‘Banned’ cardigan with green swallows on and green buttons.
You can purchase this cardigan from Blue Banana for £24.99
I love the feel of the cardigan and the look.  It also washes really well and can be dressed up or down.
image from ‘Google Images’
I wore my vintage black felt hat and fake fur leopard coat. I purchased this last year and there are still many in stores.  I love mine.  Nice and warm and cosy, although the fact is does not button up all the way means there could be chill, but I see it that it gives the opportunity to wear some beautiful scarves.
I also gave my ‘Irregular Choice: Miaow’ boots an outing. I purchased them from a friend and love them. They are so comfortable.  There are various colours and versions but these have a mock croc effect in pewter and black suede on the toe and to the pointed back.  The stitching is in pewter as is the cats face. The eyes of the cat is orange and these stand out. The inside is pink velvet. You can not be a shrinking violet with ‘Irregular Choice’ shoes.
I was very cautious when we parked at the racecourse as it was in a field and I did not walk to get my boots too muddy! Luckily we did not have to walk far and we crossed the road to the entrance  and paid our £2 entrance fee.
First we headed upstairs.  It was very busy.  There was a variety of stalls. Food, crafts, vintage, retro and interest stalls.  Beautifully decorated fruit cakes and some gorgeous felted animals caught my eye.
As I walked through one room I thought I could hear ‘Judy’!! Yes,
there was a table in the corner with lots of photographs of Judy and I was drawn to the table like a moth to a flame!
At the table were two lovely gentlemen, who asked if they could interest me in Judy Garland! I thought ‘What ever you are selling I will be buying!!’ and I did.  After a great chat I handed over the required amount of £30 for copies of ‘The International Judy Garland Club’ Magazine.
I used to be a member of the Judy Garland Club  many years ago and used to receive the magazine ‘Rainbow Revue’. Things went a little bit strange and eventually I did not hear anything and my subscription lapsed.
I have had a quick glance at the new magazines and they look up to a high standard with amazing photographs. Some I have never seen before.
I also received a programme and Lorna Luft’s book.  I took my older copy of this book on holiday with me to read by the pool and so I am pleased to also have a pristine copy in my collection.
We then headed outside and back into another room.  Upstairs was the café, which sadly was not a highlight.  The prices were very high, the cake did not taste homemade as the cream tasted synthetic and very sweet and the coffee machine was not working.  The sandwiches were very expensive so
we ended up going into Beverley and having a lovely meal in a pub
I love fairs like this as you never know what is on the stall around the next corner, as I discovered!
Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx
All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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