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I Would Like To Keep It On Please! ~Covid19 ~Masks ~Reviews

How are we all doing?  It is confusing at the moment isn’t it!  What are we allowed to do.  What are we not allowed to do!  Are we breaking any rules?  What even are the rules to break?

I am trying very hard to keep everybody safe.  I am currently on my summer holidays but I am spending my summer holidays at home.  I am finding it quite hard to motivate myself some days and often the time seems to be ticking away and passing me by before I realise it.

I am however making a conscious effort to try and get out, but safely. Living in Lincolnshire I am lucky that, as of writing this, we are not in one of the areas sadly in lock down again.  Therefore every day there are restaurants, bars and other establishments opening, after completing their own Covid checks, guidelines and regulations.

After being in a few venues I can say that overall the experience, although very different, has been a pleasant experience. Mainly I have felt safe by the guidelines in place and it has only been one pub where I felt a little anxious.  I asked if they needed my name and number as everywhere else had taken it and was informed ‘You can if you like but we can’t force people to do it so nobody has’. The same venue had a waitress eating from a crisp packet behind the bar, serving drinks and food without washing or sanitising hands once.

Other venues have been excellent and I will post on here the ones which have made me feel especially welcome and safe in the Lincolnshire area.

Have you been to any venues and do you have a recommendation? I would love to know.

Another question for you, are you wearing a mask at the moment? I purchased some masks, quite early on the the pandemic. A pink flamingo one and a cherry one. I was also kindly gifted a blue and white one. That would had been plenty but I was totally swayed by a Liza Minnelli mask!  I know right!!! Liza Minnelli mask from Binge Designs 

Wearing my Liza Minnelli mask and large sunglasses!  No makeup required!!

Great fabric, arrived quickly, only £8.99 and all that jazz!  I love it! I purchased Pirate Mick a skull one from Binge Designs and the same quality.  There are some great designs on the website so I strongly recommend you take a look if you want to stand out from the crowd and I already have my eye on a few more!

If you fancy even more glamour then La Voix has sparkling lips face masks for sale at £14.49.

There are plenty of choices of masks on sale in shops and on line. In fact I have been informed that you can even make one from a sock!  Not too sure on that one but if you have made one I would absolutely love to see it!

It looks like, in England, we are going to be needing them in many more places and for a lot longer than we thought so why not treat yourself!  Just do not do what I do every time and apply perfect lipstick before putting on the mask! What a waste of makeup! 

Does anybody else think as soon as you put on your mask of Valentina in season nine of ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’ when she made us all gasp when Ru Paul asked her to remove her mask she replied ‘I would like to keep it on please!’ (For those of you wondering, it was because she could not remember the words to the lip sync challenge and yes she was eliminated after the performance!)

The masks are pains to wear I agree but if it means that I can get back to the theatre, entertainment shows and dance the night away in bars, laughing with my friends then I will wear a dozen masks if I have to and I shall be the Valentina of the time “I’d like to keep it on please!”.

 Stay safe everyone!

When It Rains Look For Rainbows!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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