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Memories Of The Inaugural Lincoln Show Of The Cats Pyjamas Burlesque ~ Theatre ~Entertainment ~Show

Good evening!  How are you? Thinking of all the fabulous times I have had working for ‘The Cats Pyjamas’ burlesque such as the time 
at the inaugural show of ‘The Cats Pyjamas’ in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK.
The venue was ‘The Ritz’ which used to be an old picture cinema house and opened in 1937. I can not believe the amount of times I have been to Lincoln and turned the corner to head to St. Marks and missed ‘The Ritz’ as it is just a few steps passed the turn off, with Wetherspoons underneath.
Once inside the venue I was amazed how they had transformed the old picture house. After heading up some stairs you enter a small bar area, with a star wars backdrop and if you head into the small shop there is a full size Dr.Who police box and darlek and somebody said K9 was hanging around somewhere!!
There are steps up to the auditorium and the seats are tiered. You need to be careful on the stone steps though.  The seats face a large stage with a slope and a large cinema screen.  It was on this screen that we screened the first showing of the ‘Cats Pyjamas’ documentary by Loki films.  Have you seen it yet?  I have added it to the end of this post if you fancy a watch.
There are no wings on the stage at the Ritz so it was a challenge with props and setting and tidying the stage however it was a great night. Performers included Bunty Goodrack who performed her Pink Panther routine, Storme Chaser, who frightened the life out of me with her carving knife balloon pop. Lady Wildflower performed Fosse and her fire imp act and Heidi Bang Tidy who performed Brenda the lollipop lady with a hidden talent and Budgie!! Music was provided by Shannon Reilly and Snappy O’Shea expertly compered.
For the night I opted for a vintage black bandeau jumpsuit, a red sequin wide belt, my show girl necklace and a leopard print headband. I had  pinned my hair into curls in an up do
Did you join us for any of the Lincoln shows?  If so what did you think? 
Hope you have some great memories of nights out.  I would love to hear about them.
Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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