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Jeepers, Creepers, Where Did You Get Those Peepers? ~Makeup ~Mascara ~Benefit ~Beauty


 I have looked for years for the ultimate mascara. I have had disaster after disaster, with clumps and panda eyes to name just a few.
When I heard Benefit cosmetics were bringing out a new mascara I didn’t hold out much hope.  I had just purchased some expensive fibre mascara, which also claimed to be the new revolution in mascara, but already it had not lived up to their claims. So disappointing and expensive!

I heard that a magazine were giving away a free sample of the Benefit mascara, ‘Roller Lash’.  I love ‘Benefit’ makeup and reasoned that even if I did not like the mascara I could read the magazine. In my eyes it was a win/win.

The small sample of roller lash was in a handy handbag size.  The brush on the mascara is like a roller, with hard hook like applicator. I was pleasantly surprised that the mascara was not clumping and glided on.  The brush applicator rolled the lashes, giving a wide eyed look. Several applications is recommended and you can use Benefit Great Lash Mascara in between for the really wide eyed look.

The mascara stays all evening and does need a good make up remover to remove but there is no damage to your lashes, unlike fake eyelashes.

I am going out an about wearing Roller Lash daily. In the daytime I just use a couple of coats for a subtle look, but going out at night I apply several applications and many people have asked if I am wearing false eyelashes.

Why not take a look at Benefit website. 

You can purchase Roller Lash direct from Benefit Cosmetics, or from department stores such Boots or House of Fraser.
I can also verify that Benefit Cosmetics do last.
So what are you waiting for?

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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