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Hello lovely people! 
Some of you I know are struggling at the moment and have reached out as you are aware I suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome. You asked if I would be prepared to disclose my experience of a kidney biopsy that I received as part of my diagnosis and treatment from Hull Royal Infirmary.
The day itself started quite early as I had to be in Hull for 8.00am to be
 admitted onto the ward and given my bed.  I had to have blood and other before it was time to head down to the ultrasound room. I duly followed the nurse carrying my own pillow from level 12 to level 2!!
After signing various forms and more blood tests I was called into the room.  I was asked to lay on my stomach and they placed the roll up pillow I had brought under me.  I lay there using my meditation techniques, imagining I was on my holidays!!  In fact they said I was the most chilled they had had!! There were six other people in the room and me and I think it is worse not being able to see people and just feel them moving around.  Soon they were ready and I was scanned to find my kidneys, and this was done throughout, as apparently kidneys move!!  Who knew!!  Mind you I think they would had moved even faster if they knew what was going to be done to them!!
The needle to numb the kidney was the worst part, as it had to be done deep. The rest of the time was just like a strange sensation.  The actual biopsy is performed by an instrument that makes the noise of a staple gun. 
I did feel faint and sick straight after but that soon passed.  I was rolled onto a trolley and taken back up to the ward.
I was then rolled onto the bed and there I had to lay, flat, for six hours.  I was encouraged to drink and managed to spill a lot as, even with a straw, it is not easy to drink flat on your back. I also had to have my lunch in that position as well!!
After six hours I was finally allowed to sit up although I still had to stay in bed. 
Observations are being done every few minutes initially then it becomes every fifteen, half hour and then hourly, as well as regular blood and water tests.
I can not praise the staff at the hospital enough.  Everyone I came into contact with was brilliant and the care and cleanliness was top class.  However I was very pleased when I was given the okay travel and luckily the anaesthetic was still in place for the journey home. 
It took around a week to recover from the biopsy, mainly tiredness and a little sore. 

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All I had to do was rest and learn how to control my condition. The biopsy is actually worse to think about it happening than the actual event.

Remember if you are going through any kind of operation, illness or procedure then you are strong and what ever is thrown at you you are strong enough to take it!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

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