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La Voix Isolation Cabaret Show ~Entertainment

How many times have I heard you say that you would love to see La Voix but can not make the date that she is appearing at a theatre near you or you have nobody to go with?
Well, I know one theatre that would be perfect for you!  It has comfortable seats, a bar stocked with your favourite drinks and snacks.  (I know it was as if they knew you were coming!) Oh and no queue for the toilets.  (Hopefully with stocked toilet rolls, but this can not be guaranteed!!)
Of course I am talking about your own front room!
Yes, La Voix is bringing an hours long cabaret show to you!!! The Vera Lynn of our time!! Live on Facebook, which can also be streamed to your TV screen.
So, I hear you cry, how does this work?
From there you will be able to join  La Voix Isolation Cabaret Show, private group.
There will be a message:
This is the group for Isolation Cabaret! The show is £10 and to be paid via PayPal www.paypal.me/lavoix1 – Please ensure you have paid for the show. The show will LIVE stream in this group ONLY at 8pm sharp UK Time. The Video will then be available in this group for 24 hours before been removed. Thank you! X
All monies will be collated and split to cover La Voix’s team of talented musicians, sound, set, and lighting technicians who were currently starting this years tour.
  All  of these people have been affected financially by the pandemic.
A rough day on Friday meant at 8pm sharp I was waiting on my sofa feeling a little deflated.
I was not sure what to expect as I am so used to seeing the shows, feeling the atmosphere (until atmosphere complained about social distancing!😂) and having a good old dance with everybody’s favourite Merch Steve!
However, from the moment the amazing band struck the introduction I was hooked!  It was as if I was in the front row in a theatre!
 I laughed, sang and had a dance and it was special because I could live message during the show and so it felt like Merch Steve was still dancing and singing with me!  There were others messaging too and I felt the same warmth I feel at the La Voix shows from the fabulous audience she attracts.  It made me realise we are not alone in this!
La Voix,  the band and her team gave us 100 and 10 percent!  Believe me there was as much energy and show(wo)man ship in that room for us as there was when I saw the show a few weeks ago in the magnificent Leeds City Varieties Theatre.
Songs choices gave the right balance of up beat, dance songs, show songs and ballads.
Now I am a purist ‘Over The Rainbow’ by Judy Garland but La Voix, totally smashed it! I think there was many a tear shed at this. Pirate Mick and I both said it was performed absolutely fabulously and I need to hear it again!!
Taken from my TV.

The plan is for this to happen every Friday so why not join me? Do we have a date? Friday 8pm? See you then xxx

Sparkle Hugs 🎇and Glitter Kisses 💋 Stay Safe 💖
 Thank you so much for supporting the entertainment industry during this time.
We will be back!
All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza.

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