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Rocky Horror Show ~La Voix ~Angel and Royal Hotel

After months of not seeing live performances I am delighted to be able to see two amazing live theatre entertainment shows in consecutive days. The legendary Rocky Horror Show and the Fabulous La Voix.

Here is my coffee and cake round up of last weekend.

Live~ Rocky Horror Show

The screen advertising the legendary Rocky Horror Show logo. Live entertainment promising a guaranteed party.

I adore the legendary rock and roll musical and love the fun, cheeky atmosphere it creates. I have seen it quite a few times including the original at the cinema

This time it was the live screening from London’s west end Sadler’s Wells.

I decided to wear a black dress I bought earlier in the year, tights that are black to just over the knee and then a panda face, and a black jacket. I also decided to wear a Lush wig to complete the outfit.

Ready for the live entertainment of the Rocky Horror Show.  Standing next to a prop skeleton, sat at the bar.
Ready to party!

The evening was great fun and a credit to the creative team at ‘The Rocky Horror’ as five main characters were unfortunately unable to perform due to Covid. Frank ‘n’ Furter, Janet, Magenta, Columbia and Doctor Scott/Eddie. The understudies/phantoms did an amazing job at a very short notice.

Philip Franks was still able to perform as the narrator and who that is who we saw in Hull. Again he brought in just the right amount of comebacks and quips in his dead pan hilarious manner.

There is almost always a tour of the rocky horror performing somewhere and I suggest you do not delay and book those tickets as it is a definite guaranteed party every time.

Theatre Visit : La Voix

I was so excited that the weekend consisted of attending my first La Voix show of the year in Grantham, Lincolnshire! The last time I saw La Voix’s show was February 2020 before Covid closed the theatres.

I have watched La Voix on line all the way through lockdown but nothing beats watching La Voix live on stage. The atmosphere was amazing and I admit I was very emotional in the first number, realising how long I had been waiting for this moment and it most certainly did not disappoint.

Standing next to La Voix. Both smiling towards the camera after live theatre entertainment show.
Catching up with La Voix

Angel and Royal Hotel

I stayed at the ‘Angel and Royal’ hotel in Grantham This hotel is listed as one of the oldest Inns in Britain and has hosted Seven Kings and Queens throughout the years. There is plenty to look at inside and surrounding the hotel and steeped in history.

The hotel was spotlessly clean and the room was spacious, although be prepared there are many little steps around the hotel and even in the room, which caused me to fall down in the middle of the night! I left the makeup table light on so as not to fall down the steps in the night. I forgot my eye mask so light was keeping me awake which caused me to go and turn it off in the middle of the night. Promptly fell down the steps so went back and put the light back on!

After the show we were able to return to the hotel, with friends, and drink in the well stocked bar.

Breakfast was served in the bar and breakfast room. All table service with plenty of choice for everyone.

There is also a secure gated car park at the rear of the hotel and free WiFi for the duration of your stay.

I love going to the live shows again, meeting friends, having fun. I have so missed this during the pandemic and hope that this is the start of things to come and seeing a lot more live theatre entertainment. Here’s to allowing the good times to come again!

Have you just started back at a hobby or something you had to pause during lockdown? Or were you looking for an excuse to make a break and maybe even start something new?

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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