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‘Ohh La La’~ La Voix Glamour Matte Red Lipstick ~Review

“Ooh La La” is the new matte red lip liner and lipstick from La Voix Glamour.
I was so lucky to be gifted a lipstick for my birthday and could not wait to try. I had heard great things about it and it is causing a bit of a buzz in the world of show business and drag, mainly for the fact of the claim that it stays on all day (or night!), even under the glare of the spotlight.
Can this be true? Well I am going to be honest with you, if it is not going to work then it would be on me as I have the worse skin for keeping makeup looking fresh, or even there, after only a couple of hours never mind the whole day or night.
So as my birthday is the 30th December I decided to wear the lipstick on my next night out which just happened to be the day after on New Years Eve!! Now this would be a test!
La Voix does have make up videos on YouTube and Facebook to follow and show the perfect application and I did check these out beforehand and found it very easy to apply.
Not only did I have to get ready quite early I also had to walk to the tube in London from my hotel in the drizzling rain, get the tube and then go for something to eat. Then I had to walk a short distance to the venue, which was the 02 Forum in Kentish Town, so a big busy venue, to watch the New Years Eve Party hosted by Bianca Del Rio, with Lady Bunny and Miss Orry, Maria Balenciaga, Victoria
Secret, Donna Trump and Cookie Kunty.
It was a brilliant night and by the time Big Ben struck midnight the club was jumping! Obviously being new year I had to partake in beverages as it would be rude not to and again, as new year a few kisses, obviously to Pirate Mick but also as everybody was in such high spirits kisses were flying around!
After heading back to the hotel at the end of the night I realised I had not reapplied my lipstick all night and my lips felt soft and smooth throughout. One last test was raiding the confectionery machine in the foyer of crisps and chocolate to munch on in the hotel room.
It was only after all this that I went to look in the hotel bathroom mirror, having changed into my pyjamas, to see if I needed to remove my make up. I did!! Lips were still on point!
I noticed that I had a couple of lipstick marks on my face from the kisses in the nightclub. I felt like I needed to go back and recommend my lipstick to them!

So, my lipstick had lasted well over eight hours, through drinks, food, drizzling rain, hot nightclub and kisses and was still going strong! The next problem was how on earth was I going to be able to remove it to go to bed? La Voix recommends using an oil based cleanser to remove such as a wipe with natural oils or a little bit of Vaseline to remove. Luckily I had an oil base cleanser and after a couple of wipes all traces were gone! It really is magic! Even better the products are Vegan Friendly, cruelty & paraben free with natural grapefruit extract!

The lipstick and the liner come in a beautifully packaged box, perfect as a gift for somebody, or yourself and can be purchased for £15 including post and packing on La Voix’s website. Link below
Lips still looking good after eating a meal
With Pirate Mick in a busy London Nightclub on New Years Eve
Some body is not using the La Voix ‘Ohh La La’ matte red lipstick and liner
Luckily I did!!!
End of the night selfie with lips on point!
Marilyn Monroe day today!
You can make the lipstick as dark a shade as you like. For example one day you may feel like Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood glamour shade and another you may prefer more of a lighter red. The good thing about this lipstick is that you are in control.
More subtle red today but no marks on that sneaky paper straw!!
La Voix’s 2020 tour ‘The Funniest Red Head’ will be starting soon and you will be able to purchase the lipstick. Full details of the tour can also be found on the website La Voix Tour dates
Why not post your photos of wearing the lipstick? Join me on a lipstick challenge.
What can we get up to whilst wearing the lipstick and still look fabulous at the end?
Bring on the fun!!!
Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx
All photos, unless stated, are copyright of Lorna Liza

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