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Spinning The ‘Peel Of Fortune’ ~Entertainment ~Burlesque ~Event


Aloha!!  This summer I attended the fun burlesque night event ‘The Peel Of Fortune’. 

I bet you are thinking ‘what is Peel of Fortune?’.  Well Peel of Fortune is Burlesque, with a spin!! Literally!! It is a bit like the show ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ with Burlesque which results in are great fun night out.

There are around five performers on stage and the wheel is spun to inform the performer what they have to do that night for your entertainment.  It can be many things and is billed as ‘Burlesque Improvisation’   It is the brain child of Tawny Kay and Lynsay McGlone and its home is in Doncaster, ‘Home of Burlesque and Cabaret’ but it does go on tour so do keep your eyes peeled for local announcements.

  • It was a little strange as it was held in the venue where I was a member of ‘The Cats Pyjamas Burlesque’, for over ten years, as my old alter ego ‘Scarlett Blushes’.   That said I enjoyed immensely meeting up with some of my Cats Pyjamas family there and lots of lovely people came to ask what I was doing now and what had happened to ‘Scarlett’.  She is still there and always will be and just now and again I allow her to come out to play!! However I explained that ‘Lorna Liza’ is now my new name and focusing on my entertainment and event blogger ideas.

    For the night I purchased a last minute dress from ‘New Look’ as it had caught my eye whilst walking through the store a couple of days before the event.  I loved the palm print but the main fact was the price tag as it was only £3.00 in the sale!!  I could not believe it! Bargain!  I did had to do a little alteration, mainly to stop my top half from exposing itself! How times have changed!.  but the dress itself was great for the night.  However it has started to bobble after only one wash and I feel it will soon not look its best but it was less than the price of a coffee so I am not complaining, even if I only get a couple more wears out of it!

    I wore my favourite Lush Wig ‘Snow Owl’ and my new necklace. I had ordered a new necklace with my name ‘Lorna Liza’ from Bete Noire.  She makes lovely necklaces, earrings and other small items. I have got my eye on many a piece from her collection and she does custom made too. As this obviously is!  I do not think I am that popular that people want my name round their neck!! Maybe I should see if I could start a trend!! 

    At the end of the night I had had a particular fun night with friends and it has reminded me that you must not forget to live your best life and always add glamour and sparkle in all that you do!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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