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Steampunk In Whitby ~Event ~Halloween


Whitby is popular throughout all the seasons of the year and I think this was reinforced by the amount of traffic we encountered on the roads, heading towards Scarborough, Filey and Whitby at the weekend for the Goth weekend. It took much longer to arrive than anticipated and we began to panic a little about car parking.  There is a park and ride but they do not put on extra buses, even on weekends and it finishes at 5.30pm.  A little restrictive.
Luckily we did manage to park in one of the last spaces on the overflow car park, on the grass, at the Leisure Centre. Even luckier was the fact that Scarborough Council who own the car parks had stopped payment, the day before, for the winter months!!

Pirate Mick and I headed across the car park, to the Rifle Club. Known for the weekend as SteamPunk Central.  We headed straight up the stairs and ordered a breakfast bun and a much needed coffee, which was quickly served.  We then browsed the stalls, all of which had a steam punk theme. For those of you that are a little confused by this subculture I will try and give a quick explanation, although I am no means an expert!!  Steampunk is a sub genre of science fiction with steam powered machinery in the 1900’s fantasy world. The fashion is a mix of  Victorian and post -apocalyptic.
I was a little nervous as I normally attend these events in Victorian Gothic costumes but had decided to debut a Steampunk outfit.  I purchased the basics on Ebay and modified it to the best of my abilities!  The fabric was really cute with gears on it and I had glued watch parts and gears onto it.  I had made a mistake on the size of the parts I acquired from Ebay, but let’s say it could had made Sindy or Barbie a Steampunk outfit!! I had added feathers to the triangular pirate hat and had purchased my boots from  website.  I wore my old faithful Hell Bunny, snow leopard print tutu underneath and long white socks. To complete the outfit I wore my Butler and Wilson skull earrings and necklace.   Initially the earrings felt really heavy but I was soon used to them.  Oh I must not forget the finishing touches of any Steampunk costume, goggles!! These were also a little tight and have left me with a delightful blister on my forehead! Well that will cut down the time and cost of horror visual effects!!

After the Rifle club we moved across to the Leisure Centre.  Here there are two rooms of stalls. It was very, very busy and sometimes I felt we missed a few things as you just could not get near.  Mind you, if I really wanted to I made sure I got near!!  Being only five foot tall sometimes has its advantages!!

I have no idea how long we were in the Leisure Centre but when we left we moved across the car park to the school playground where there was a Hot Rod and Custom car show. Amazing cars and bike so well looked after and  modified so brilliantly with excellent art work. 

The weather was unseasonably hot!! We met so many creative and beautifully presented people and we all shared one thing in common, we were very warm!! Some costumes were so heavy they must had lost a couple of pounds in sweat!!  Of course I do not sweat I glow, and that is obviously why I have a blister on my head, from glowing under my goggles!!

Next stop was the Spa. This is the Whitby Goth Weekend head quarters and many stalls in various rooms are here. Again it was packed, but everybody was in high spirits. The main thing we wanted after that was fresh air and so we headed up to the Whalebone and headed into town.  It really became apparent how busy it was.  Amazingly as we passed ‘The Magpie Cafe’ there was not a queue and so we went straight in! We must just had been lucky as it was full inside and a long queue had formed when we left.

We headed along the promenade to the bridge and started to cross.  It was here we encountered a problem. There were too many people on the bridge and no body could move.  Eventually we shuffled a few feet and just had to keep going in the throng!! Never seen it so busy and it was quite scary when the bus decided it also had to cross the bridge!  Luckily we managed to get off in time, before the inevitable crash happened. (Only minor, thank goodness).

We moved along the lane to the Shambles. Bumping into a few people who recognised me from the show and being kissed by a random drunken man!! We looked at the shops in the shambles but it was so busy we headed back to the bridge, via ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat‘ shop, one of my favourite shops,  which was once in the press for serving Catherine Zeta Jones, who was filming the film ‘Dad’s Army’ in the area.

We headed back over the bridge, which now had a policeman controlling things, and bumped into some lovely friends who looked amazing.
We headed wearily back along Skinner Street, which is one of the many streets in Whitby I love and popped into ‘Bothams’  for a much needed coffee before heading back to the car, saying goodbye to friends and heading off home after a fabulous day.

I have added some photographs of the day

Happy Haunting

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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