The Empire Theatre Tour Cleethorpes ~Entertainment ~History

A visit behind the scenes and even the walls, of the old Empire Theatre in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire. So I was delighted to here that the Heritage Open Days were allowing guided tours of the old theatre building.  In the eighties it was converted into an amusement arcade and now has incorporated a laser… Continue reading The Empire Theatre Tour Cleethorpes ~Entertainment ~History

Join Me In A ‘Stay At Home’ VEDay Street Party! ~Event ~Information

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Friday 8th May 2020, marks 75 years since the surrender of Germany from the Second World War. Victory in Europe, known as V E Day should had been celebrated across the nation with street parties, dancing and singing. Sadly one of the biggest threats to people, since the war, has meant that the Corona Virus… Continue reading Join Me In A ‘Stay At Home’ VEDay Street Party! ~Event ~Information

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Book Day ~Entertainment ~Read

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Ahoy there Captain!! Here I am On March 6th, 2014  World Book Day and today March 5th, 2020. Coincidentally I was a pirate on both occasions!! I haven’t been a pirate every year and other notable mentions must go to Little Riding Hood and The Snow Queen. World book day is always held, in… Continue reading It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Book Day ~Entertainment ~Read

Anniversary At The Ivy ~ Leeds ~Event ~Food ~Review

If you know me at all you know I love glamour and fabulousness! (Yes I have totally made that word up!) When I heard that ‘The Ivy’ had recently opened in Leeds I knew I wanted to visit! Now I know it is hard to believe but Pirate Mick and I have been married twenty… Continue reading Anniversary At The Ivy ~ Leeds ~Event ~Food ~Review

Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds City Centre ~Review

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  The start to the year has been fabulous. Even if I do say so myself!!  Already I have stayed in a wonderful hotel in Leeds after watching ‘La Voix‘ at Leeds City Varieties.  If you are staying in Leeds for the theatre, shopping or nights out then the ‘Radisson Blu Hotel’ is central to… Continue reading Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds City Centre ~Review

ABCD Is Easy As 1234 ~Drag ~Entertainment ~Show ~Review

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As you know I love drag and my favourite Ru Paul girl is Bianca Del Rio. Her season in ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’ season six,  is my all time favourite and love the top four of that series! If you are trying to rack your brains let me refresh you! Bianca Del Rio won, with… Continue reading ABCD Is Easy As 1234 ~Drag ~Entertainment ~Show ~Review

Fun at the Pantomime ~Theatre ~Christmas

    Can you guess where I am going? Did you guess? Yes I am going to the pantomime.  Oh I do love a good panto!! Oh yes I do!!   I have been going to Pantomimes since I was a little dot.  Okay I am still little but it was when I was still… Continue reading Fun at the Pantomime ~Theatre ~Christmas

Happy Days Are Here Again ~Vintage ~Retro ~Fair

Today Pirate Mick and I headed off on a road trip to Beverley, North Yorkshire, UK. There was a vintage and retro fair at the race course. I had to decide what to wear and decided on high waisted jeans and a black ‘Banned’ cardigan with green swallows on and green buttons. You can… Continue reading Happy Days Are Here Again ~Vintage ~Retro ~Fair

Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival ~Entertainment ~Event

Good evening! I recently went, with Pirate Mick, on our yearly trip to Lincoln Asylum Steam Punk Festival, which is now held on August late bank holiday. I had purchased a head dress from  ‘Peacock Pretties’  It was perfect for Steampunk and so I  based my outfit around it. I wore a black strapless dress… Continue reading Lincoln Asylum Steampunk Festival ~Entertainment ~Event

Spinning The ‘Peel Of Fortune’ ~Entertainment ~Burlesque ~Event

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  Aloha!!  This summer I attended the fun burlesque night event ‘The Peel Of Fortune’.  I bet you are thinking ‘what is Peel of Fortune?’.  Well Peel of Fortune is Burlesque, with a spin!! Literally!! It is a bit like the show ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ with Burlesque which results in are great fun night out.… Continue reading Spinning The ‘Peel Of Fortune’ ~Entertainment ~Burlesque ~Event