Afternoon At Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend, Part Three ~Event ~shopping

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After our lunch in Whitby at ‘The Magpie Cafe’, as described in the last post Pirate Mick and I enjoyed a stroll along the bustling harbour. Walking along Marine Parade, Whitby, we passed the Dracula Experience museum.  This always makes me smile as it reminds me of the time, many, many years ago, that Pirate Mick… Continue reading Afternoon At Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend, Part Three ~Event ~shopping

Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend, Part Two ~MagpieCafe ~Event ~Food

   Following on from my previous post on the Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend, I thought I would continue on the rest of the day. After visiting the spa we strolled along the car park to the whale bone arch on West Cliff. This is a replica whale jaw bone and was presented to Whitby… Continue reading Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend, Part Two ~MagpieCafe ~Event ~Food

Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend ~ Whitby~Yorkshire

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April 25th-27th was Whitby Goth and Alternative weekend.ย Pirate Mick and I have been going for years, but the last couple we have been unable to attend, due to medical reasons. This year we had not booked anywhere but decided at the last minute to attend for a day. Friday’s weather was terrible so we… Continue Reading →

Steampunk In Whitby ~Event ~Halloween ~DayOut

  Whitby is popular throughout all the seasons of the year and I think this was reinforced by the amount of traffic we encountered on the roads, heading towards Scarborough, Filey and Whitby at the weekend for the Goth weekend. It took much longer to arrive than anticipated and we began to panic a little… Continue reading Steampunk In Whitby ~Event ~Halloween ~DayOut

I love Whitby!!! ~Travel ~DaysOut ~Yorkshire ~ThingsToDo

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A question for you! Have you ever been to Whitby, UK? If you have I bet you left a little bit of your heart there, waiting for you to return some day. I always wanted to visit Whitby but it took quite a long time before Pirate Mick and I actually went to stay… Continue reading I love Whitby!!! ~Travel ~DaysOut ~Yorkshire ~ThingsToDo