Guide Dogs World Record ~Event

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Hello lovelies, how are we all getting on?  Hope things are going okay and you are finding things to be your new ‘normality’ for the moment. As you know I love going out and my life before this pandemic, was entertainment.  Hardly a weekend would pass without socialising, watching or being involved in some art… Continue reading Guide Dogs World Record ~Event

When It Rains Look For Rainbows🌈! ~Helplines ~Feelings ~Covid19

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Hi darlings! Well, what a situation we seemed to have found ourselves in! Writing this I am looking out of my study window, the sun streaming through, making the pond in the front shimmer invitingly.  The daffodils, tulips and blossom are filling the picture in front of me in colour and the birds are singing… Continue reading When It Rains Look For Rainbows🌈! ~Helplines ~Feelings ~Covid19

La Voix Isolation Cabaret Show ~Entertainment ~Music

How many times have I heard you say that you would love to see La Voix but can not make the date that she is appearing at a theatre near you or you have nobody to go with? Well, I know one theatre that would be perfect for you!  It has comfortable seats, a bar… Continue reading La Voix Isolation Cabaret Show ~Entertainment ~Music