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Certainly a hidden gem in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire is ‘The Time Trap’ museum and I am ashamed to say that I have never visited although it is literally on my doorstep The Time Trap museum is housed in the prison cells of Grimsby Town Hall and reveals the stories of Grimsby. Built in 1888 …

Hidden Gem In The UK ~Louth ~Lincolnshire ~PlacesToVisit

Just down the road from me is the Georgian market town of Louth in Lincolnshire. A hidden gem in the UK Louth, Lincolnshire. A place to visit market town full of character with something for all the family. Louth is a very busy little market town just bursting full of character with so many little …

Hidden Gem in the UK ~Grimsby Town Centre ~St James Church ~Fisherman Memorial ~ Labyrinth

In the heart of Grimsby there is St.James Church which has been in the town for over 900 years. The area around the church has recently undergone a renovation costing over a million pounds. It is now the perfect place to meet up or catch a few sun rays away from the hustle and bustle …

Kingsway Hotel ~ Lunch ~Food ~Cleethorpes ~Lincolnshire

I adore eating out and obviously due to the pandemic this has not happened since October last year!! Seven months without sitting down in a restaurant is unbelievable, however stepping back into the Kingsway Hotel, Cleethorpes I soon got back into the swing of things. I have blogged before in 2017 Review of Dinner at …

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Are you watching the storyline in the UK soap Coronation Street about two young characters Nina and Seb being viciously beaten, and subsequently one of the characters losing their life, in an unprovoked attack for daring to live their lives as they want and dressing differently to how society deems you should conform? Tragically the …

Afternoon At Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend, Part Three ~Event ~shopping

After our lunch in Whitby at ‘The Magpie Cafe’, as described in the last post https://overtherhinestonerainbow.blog/whitby-goth-and-alternative-weekend-part-two-magpiecafe-whitby/ Pirate Mick and I enjoyed a stroll along the bustling harbour. Walking along Marine Parade, Whitby, we passed the Dracula Experience museum.  This always makes me smile as it reminds me of the time, many, many years ago, that Pirate Mick …

Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend ~MagpieCafe ~Event


 Following on from my previous post on the Whitby Goth and Alternative Weekend, I thought I would continue on the rest of the day.

After visiting the spa we strolled along the car park to the whale bone arch on West Cliff. This is a replica whale jaw bone and was presented to Whitby by Norway in 1963 and then Alaska in 2003.  Next to the whale bone is a statue of Captain Cook.  We headed past the statue and down the steps to Pier Road.
No visit to Whitby is complete without a meal in the ‘Magpie Cafe’.
‘The Magpie cafe is housed in a distinctive black and white building over looking the harbour…It was built in 1750 as a merchants house…The premises were converted into a cafe in approximately 1939.

Be prepared to queue outside and Pirate Mick and I waited on the infamous steps for only a few minutes, this time, before a table became available. The table was for two in the downstairs part of the cafe and in front of the fish tank.  The fish are there for decoration, not too eat, thank goodness!!
There is a wide range of fish available, to eat!, as well as other dishes.  The freshly caught fish of the day is listed on a flat screen television on the wall. Both Pirate Mick and myself ordered haddock and chips. I ordered small and Pirate Mick ordered medium, and also a side order of mushy peas.  To drink I had a Bacardi and coke and Pirate Mick had the house water.

The Magpie was very busy but the staff were cheerful and kept checking things were okay.

The meal lived up to expectations. Both fish looked and tasted delicious and plenty of chips.  The mushy peas were presented in a large bowl enough for quite a few people!

Toilets are up some very steep winding stairs and have been refurbished to a high standard. Even have some great songs playing in there.  In fact there was a bit of Dolly Parton!  They must had known I was spending a penny!!

The bill at the end of the meal came to £26.05 and it is presented to you on a plate with a Magpie mint for each diner.

We were now suitably refreshed for the afternoon in Whitby.  A lady eating in the Magpie asked us if we were dressed up for anything special and what was going on.  I was so tempted to say that this was our normal weekend attire.  Is it not yours?

Love to know if you have ever eaten one of the catch of the day fish, such as ‘Woof’ or ‘John Dory’ or any other more unusual fish.

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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   Brrr!! The weather at the moment is making me feel like I just want to hibernate it is so cold! Sadly, of course, that is not practical, so I try and make myself feel better by wrapping up warm before venturing out!!     I recently headed out with Pirate Mick  to visit The …