S.O.P.H.I.E. ~SophieLancaster ~ HateCrime ~Awareness

Are you watching the storyline in the UK soap Coronation Street about two young characters Nina and Seb being viciously beaten, and subsequently one of the characters losing their life, in an unprovoked attack for daring to live their lives as they want and dressing differently to how society deems you should conform? Tragically the …

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When I was growing up the radio played a large part of the entertainment in my home. Radio Two was always playing from the kitchen radio from getting up in the morning until bedtime. There used to be an hour in the evening from 10pm that had different shows such as ‘The Law Game’ ,which …

Global Pride 2020 ~Views ~Event

The COVID19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Pride organisations worldwide with hundreds of marches and events cancelled or postponed. Global Pride provides an opportunity for the LGBTI+ community around the world to come together on June 27 and celebrate diversity and equality during these challenging times. ~globalpride2020 Pride events traditionally happen, in the …

Living With Invisible Medical Condition ~Endometriosis ~NephroticSyndrome

  I wrote this post originally in 2014 when I had been diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome in 2013 after three years of many operations from being diagnosed with endometriosis. It was a very tough time and when I wrote this I was feeling hurt, pain and confusion.  Here was my story: We are asked many …

Pride Is Important ~LGBTQ+ ~Views ~Information

It is a big time in the lgbt+ calendar as it is Pride season. Here is a short but important video explaining why Pride is so important that I would love you to watch: Pride Jubilee 50 Years

I have always been a huge supporter of the lgbtq+ community.  I truly believe that love is love and it should not matter to any body else who you are with so long as you are both consenting adults. I do not fall in love with the gender of a person but more their personalities and who they are as a whole.
I suppose it has helped that , from a young age, my idols and the people I looked up to were gay icons. Not that I knew at the time.  To me they were and always will be just fabulous, talented people. Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, Danny La Rue, Dolly Parton and Bette Midler to name just a few, in fact the list could go on and on!!! I remember cutting up a red hair ribbon in the eighties to make my own red ribbon to wear in support of Aids charities and awareness.

Pride is important as I feel it allows an amazing community to stand up for their rights and allows them to walk around without fear or prejudice. Pride allows people to mix and find like minded people without being ridiculed. It is giving people the access of going somewhere where there is information available that may be  they desperately require and need but feel unable to access from other sources for fear of reprisal which can be through many factors such as family, friends or work place.
Pride is a place to be you!
I would gladly accompany anybody who felt uneasy or scared to go to any event or even just for a drink in town.  You are who you are and until you feel able to be this person then you can never be totally yourself and you are worth more than that!  Sometimes you just need somebody to hold your hand, theoretically or literally.
Pride is a great first step!

I have added some photographs of my visit to Hull Pride a couple of weeks ago! It was a fabulous event.  Last year I went with Pirate Mick and we spent a few hours there and bumped into an acquaintance. This year that acquaintance has become a great valued friend and we spent an amazing weekend together and joined up with other equally fabulous people who I am lucky to now call friends!  It just takes that first step!

Please remember ‘Love Is Love’


Happy and Safe Pride

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx


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