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Radisson Blu ~ East Midlands UK ~Travel ~Review

Aloha!!  Pirate Mick and I have just flown to and from ‘East Midlands’ airport.  We arranged to leave our car at the airport hotel ‘Radisson Blu
and because of the flight times we booked to stay the night on our return.

It was cold when we landed in East Midlands.  Why on earth I did not consider this when packing but in the excitement of the holiday I did not even think about the return.  The top and shorts were great in hot countries but not so, stood outside East Midlands airport!

‘Radisson Blu’ hotel runs a courtesy bus but this was not running at night and we was advised to get a prepaid taxi. This proved easier said than done as they did not want to take us initially! I think they did not want the short distance (but long enough with heavy suitcases, and did I mention I was wearing shorts!!)
Eventually one decided to take the risk and took us on the short three minute drive to the hotel.

When we arrived at the check in desk we were told that they had upgraded us to business class. Really wish I had packed another outfit now!!

The key card is needed to work the lift and we trundled along to the room that had ‘Business class’ on the door.  Again the key card worked the door and the electric in the room.
When I walked into the room it was ‘Wow!!’ The room was decorated in soft greys and whites. The theme seems to be birds in trees.
The bed was huge and so amazingly comfortable after a four hour flight! Best hotel beds ever! There was a complimentary bottle of wine and a coffee machine.  It took a while to find the milk in the hidden fridge! Again complimentary drinks, coke, beer and water.
I put on the television for the first time in two weeks and was confused with the audio coming from the bathroom!! I decided to switch it off completely, as it was now around 02.30am, and thought I would investigate in the morning.
We put on the complimentary fluffy bathrobe and slippers and then realised that the bathroom had plain glass on the window looking into the bedroom!! Talk about being put off your sausage and egg!! There was also no door on the bathroom, what on earth was going on!  Then realised I was missing something vital!  The toilet!  It was like a party game of hide and seek and it was found behind the closed door in the bathroom.   You could close the door on the toilet or open the door and close it onto the bedroom! What happened to a normal bathroom door? I looked around again for blinds in the bathroom but no, nothing!!
Too tired to do anything but climb into the wonderful bed and fall asleep hearing the slight rumble of the planes overhead.

The next morning I felt more confident exploring and found the volume control for the television in the bathroom. I used the lush toiletries and then headed down to the restaurant, not before collecting the free magazine and newspaper. Because we were upgraded to business class breakfast was included. There was a wide selection of juices, cereals, hot food, breads and pastries, yogurts, fruit and the staff brought you hot drinks to the table and eggs, how you require them to eat with your cooked breakfast.
I could easily had stayed another night, or two!, in the hotel and reluctantly packed up and headed off home. What a fabulous end to any holiday.  I would totally recommend staying here just make sure you really know the person you are sharing with or you will get to know them very  well very quickly with the bathroom with no blinds!!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

All photographs, unless stated, are the copyright of Lorna Liza

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