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The Worlds Most Fabulous Puzzle Of La Voix ~Entertainment

Have you tried any different hobbies or entertainment during this period of not being able to go far?

For the first time in years I completed a jigsaw puzzle. I was contemplating purchasing one for a while but was not sure I had the patience. However, as readers to this blog know, I am a huge fan of the talented performer ‘La Voix’ and when I heard that she had brought out a jigsaw I knew that this had to be the one to purchase.

The cost is £15 including postage and it arrives safely packaged in a red package, already feeling a special treat! It is in a smallish square box and the finished puzzle size is 36.5cm x 52.5cm with 500 pieces. This was a perfect size for me as it meant I could use a side table instead of taking up space on the dining table.

I started by sorting out all the edge pieces and then sorting out colours. It is quite tricky as there is a lot of the same colouring and shading in the photograph.

I did enjoy it and found it very satisfying to find the pieces, never mind seeing the finished product. It is such a glamorous picture that if you love glamour and entertainment then this jigsaw is for you.

Buy it for yourself or as a treat for somebody who would enjoy finding a new hobby or to keep busy. The jigsaw can be purchased from the following link

Have you tried a new hobby recently? Maybe you have completed a jigsaw for the first time in years! Do you have any tricks of the trade? What do you do with it once it is finished? I would love to know


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  1. Well done!! That is absolutely brilliant. I did buy myself one at the start of lockdown but unfortunately I just couldn’t find the patience and got really frustrated with myself when I couldn’t find any pieces. I was convinced the seller had took some out just to drive me mad!! Haha.

    1. That is so funny as I was also convinced that a piece had been missed out! It hadn’t it had laid on top of the same colour ! I really enjoyed this one but have to really like the subject of the picture of the jigsaw to be interested or have the patience to finish! x

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