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We’ll Meet Again! Happy 100th Birthday Dame Vera Lynn ~Celebration ~Music

I watched a very moving documentary on the television the other night.  It was to celebrate the 100th birthday of Vera Lynn.  The documentary told the story of Vera’s life. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady. Vera was shown, amazingly bright as a button and looking amazing for 100.  Her daughter was shown alongside her in the documentary and how proud she must be.
What made the programme different was there was no scandal to report, no affairs or lurid details. Just a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice, being brave and thinking of others.

Vera Lynn is known as ‘The Forces Sweetheart’.  During World War Two she sang to the troops over seas.  She struck a chord with them singing songs such as ‘White Cliffs Of Dover’ and the most famous ‘We’ll Meet Again’.
Vera Lynn went to the front line to sing the songs and build morale, telling them people were thinking of them.

A few of the men who were fighting in the war spoke about their love and admiration for the great lady.  This was very moving, not too over sentimental but touching.
It reminded me of a time gone by when people were not afraid to speak to each other, when people genuinely cared for their neighbours, neighbourhood and proud of their country. I can not bear seeing people disrespecting anything. In my mind people are becoming selfish and not thinking about anybody but themselves.  ‘I have finished with this wrapper around my chocolate bar.  I do not want it’, so it is thrown to the ground.  There is not a second thought about the environment for others, looking messy or the animals it may harm or the wildlife that may get tangled in it.
This is  small example as there are many other items that are discarded without a second thought.  It is often ‘It is somebody else’s problem’ but we need to wake up to the fact that it is everybody’s problem!

The songs of the 1940’s I find very moving.  I was brought up on  ‘war songs’. These songs have stood the test of time.  I wonder if it can be said for other genres of music.  However has the old time songs had their day?  As the older generation pass will people under the age of sixty want to listen to songs, that have little meaning in the modern world.  I do hope so and one thing is for sure.  Even if nobody else is singing them I will be, for hopefully, a long time to come!!


Happy 100th Birthday Dame Vera Lynn! You are a true inspiration!

Sparkle Hugs and Glitter Kisses xxx

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